Hey kopek got a question about da jungle,..,.

I read this about Amazon today and wondered if it was that bad

Since ya slave there I figured you could give truth to it or say it was buncha c!rap,…,.

They’ve been getting strikes in several European countries (link); in Spain the complaints include several easy-to-prove things which are definitely in breach of basic labor laws. One of them is that, due to the size of the company, there should be a convenio (collective agreement) specific to it: since these have to be published in BOE it’s quite clear that no such agreement exists.
Note: the article linked mentions “the former collective agreement” but that line was clearly written by someone who doesn’t have the foggiest about Spanish labor law; for starters, in Spain a convenio never refers to workers of a specific union, but of a specific company or sector. The level of wrongness suggests to me that the writer is American, as our sindicatos and your unions are very different animals but the relationship is a lot closer for other English-speaking countries.