Hey ladies, how long does it take you?

In this thread we’re dicussing what percentage of women masturbate in the office restroom.

I mentioned the fact that generally women take longer to “get the job done” than men (so there would be fewer women doing this at work) and was called on that generalization.

So ladies, how long does it take you to get off when you’re alone?

The rest of us “Worker Jerkers” want to know.

Not that I would ever do this at work… :wink:

Down and dirty, self inflicted quickie? About 2-3 minutes. I know what I need, after all.

usually 12 - 20 minutes.

I can usually get the job done in about five minutes.

Five minutes, give or take

3 or 4 within a 10-15 minute session is typical. The first one takes the longest - maybe 5 to 10 minuntes; after that they’re easy.

a) For freakin’ ever.

b) Those of you who way “…for the first one” make me sick.

c) Damn you.

I usually don’t bother unless I’m, uh, hot and bothered to start with. If I’m seriously aroused already, I can be finished in under a minute, easily.

Starting from ground zero, oh, maybe ten or fifteen minutes. But I wouldn’t do that at work.

After a microsecond of thought, I realize “ground zero” was a stupid choice of words. Starting from “ground level” or “zero” would do better.

I’m with Podkayne – I generally don’t bother unless I’m, shall we say, “ready.” It takes too long. So, once I’m all turned on and everything, it usually takes me about 5 minutes, I think. And the more turned on I am, the less time it takes.

Hope that’s not TMI. :wink:

Hell no! Keep it coming, ladies! (pun certainly intended)

I just responded to the GQ thread but I’ll give a more detailed response here. My record is about 30 seconds (I was watching an MPEG video so I know exactly how long it took). Most times, between 1 and 5 minutes depending how aroused I am to start with and whether I use ahem aids, visual or mechanical.

“I mentioned the fact that generally women take longer to “get the job done” than men”

Well of course they do, a guy can get himself off a lot quicker that way than a woman can.

Coming from someone named handy.

I’m curious about how you girls time it.

Well, I don’t actually time it; I was estimating.

However, this girl I knew in high school had timed herself from start to finish – and I think she meant starting totally, um, dry – and her “record” was 45 SECONDS.


Holy freakin’ shit, is what we all said when she told us this.

But I figure it can’t have been all that good if she was a) finished in 45 seconds, and b) timing herself.

Personally, I think I’d rather enjoy the process a leeetle more than that. :slight_smile:

Never managed without a vibrator :(, so I probably won’t be taking up the practice in the bathroom at work. :smiley:

A convenient 5 to 10 minutes with the vibrator on low using the correct attachment.

Video assistance helps – not porn, but swordfights, starship fights, or explosions. Something vigorous and bright.

2 to 5 minutes by hand and under a minute with a mechanical aid. Also an additional minute by hand for the second one and almost immediately for the second, third and fourth with mechanical aid. (My hand gets tired!) I’ve only done it once at work… Nobody’s hot enough to get me going except for that one temp…

I’ve got a wide range of how long it takes. If I’m really aroused, it can take 2-5 minutes; if not it takes about 20 minutes to an hour. Don’t ask me how it takes an hour, just sometimes I guess I pace myself really slowly and stop just before to build up a bit more intensity. I dunno, go ask my clitoris.

PS: I tried a vibrator a few times, didn’t like it at all.

“I mentioned the fact that generally women take longer ‘get the job done’ than men”

“Well of course they do, a guy can get himself off a lot quicker that way than a woman can.”

“I’m curious about how you girls time it.”

I think we’ve hit upon the key here. The big factor is the time it takes to become aroused. Shoot-for a guy, if the wind blows right. . .

Thanks for the responses, ladies. I, um. . . gotta go take a shower or something.

And ssskuggiii? I’d like to make an appointment with your clitoris. How’s next Friday?

Please refer to this thread, for anecdotal responses to your OP.

Personally, I don’t accept any of these cites and therefore insist that we conduct a double-blind, peer-reviewed study into the question of just how long it takes females to achieve orgasm under different conditions and via different methods. In the interests of science, I selflessly offer myself as a test subject for research (and wonder why threads of this nature are framed in terms of males seeking answers about female sexual response, and not the reverse).

So now all you need to do is arrange the funding for the SDMB study into the mysteries of female orgasm…