Hey! Let's throw shit at the moon! Becase WE CAN!!!

First client: Chairface Chippendale.

We like the moon but not as much as a spoon

There was never a more appropriate clip.

So do trees, but no one ever gets on their case about it.

Those goddam trees keep coming all over my car. Fucking trees! (Literally.)

Not my damn planet, Monkey Boy!

Great , I can see the Public Service Announcment now. We’ll see a little spaceman, paddling his moon wagon across a crater. He’ watch a ship dump its space garbage on the moon and in a close-up, we’ll see a tear of sadness trickle down from his cyclops eye.

Pfeh. I bet it won’t even be a real native moon man…

And the tear will probably just be glycerine.

You know, when I’m bored, I play with my pizzle. Pretty inexpensive.
If I had a lot of money the next level would be a blow job. How many blow jobs can a man get for $6 million?

If the moon isn’t ours, whose is it? So far as we know, we are the only intelligent life in the universe- it’s hard to make an argument that anything isn’t ours, if we should wish to take it.

Hmmm… I don´t know, obviously this requieres an extensive scientific study; I´ll humbly apply for a position as test subject for that. All in the name of scientific progress, of course. :smiley:

The sooner we start chucking shit at the moon, the sooner we get to blowing the sonovabitch up!:stuck_out_tongue:

As many as he wants. See: Anna Nicole Smith :smiley:

Arthur C, Clarke did it, too, I think i The Other Side of the Sky. In Clarke’s case the soft drink was obviously Coca Cola. In Heinlein’s it was “6+”, obviously a stand-in for “7-Up”.

You’re going to make a great politician. :rolleyes:

For the record: I enjoy shooting putty at the moon.

Or who could you get one from for 6 mil?

This is the kind of thing that makes me hope the Futurama head-in-a-jar technology doesn’t happen in my lifetime. I don’t want to have to explain to historians a thousand years from now that flinging our poo at the moon was the height of this era’s aspirations.

Pfft. A real bored rich guy would go to the moon, go to the moon, pick up some of the junk already there and bring it back for fun and profit. Then he’d be a pricey Atlanta attorney with clients who never did it.

Doesn’t anyone believe in intrinsic value anymore?
I realize 22lbs of some rich guys toys isn’t going to completely ruin the moon. I realize there’s no atmosphere to polute or delicate ecosystem to disturb. But still, just chucking shit at the moon for fun?


It’s springtime, obviously.

I worked it out at 26 a day, local rates. Tax excluded.

Alas, if Washington and Lincon can get the head-in-a-jar treatment, you probably can too.

Although, if you killed Ron Popil…