Hey! Let's throw shit at the moon! Becase WE CAN!!!

O.K. So, it seems rich guys can now pay $6million to throw shit at (and onto the moon). The service is provided by and the fee collected by Orbital Development of Carson City, Nevada.

O.D. will take 22lbs of whatever you want to throw at the moon, they’ll put it in a spacecraft and they’ll crash that spacecraft into the moon (apparently they will not take responsibility for any damage caused to your personal objects being crashed).

So, why don’t I get a say in this? It’s my moon too! Why are these goons allowed to simply throw shit at the moon?


What’s the problem?

For $6 mil you too can heave shit at the moon.

Equal opportunity.


I actually meant to post this in the Pit because I am flaming mad at people who want to throw shit at the moon, but I posted in Great Debates by mistake.

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Eleusis, stop throwing shit at the moon you damn poo-head!

P.S. Fucking Mods!

Oh yeah?

FUCK YOU Bienville! :smiley:

You cocksucker! I worked HARD for 40 YEARS to earn enough money to HEAVE SHIT AT THE MOON!

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Thanks, MEB!

Oh, by the way, fuck any asshole who throws shit at the moon!

Fuckin’ A! Those assholes are going to ruin our moon - pollute its atmosphere, spoil its oceans, unbalance its delicate ecosystem! Sons-of-bitches gotta be stopped!

All levity aside…isn’t the fact that we spread litter like a disease everywhere we roam on earth?

Do we really need to start littering planets/planetary bodies that aren’t even ours for no good reason?

Oh wait…I forgot this was the human race we’re talking about. Carry on, litterbugs.

Big lumps of rock floating in space are a dime a dozen; sentient, spacefaring races are much, much rarer. The most interesting and important thing in this part of the galaxy - at least - is us.

Humans are Hairless Apes.

Not particularly interesting.

However, apes have been shitting in their hands & lobbing it at all & sundry for many a moon now, though. So it’s traditional.

Fire away, rich monkeys. Launch your flaming poo through the Heavens.

They better not crash it into MY Fucking acre or there will be HELL to pay…

cite! :smiley:

Because ya just don’t mess…

with God’s America!

I disagree. We’re interesting because we’re capable of thinking up an abstract concept such as “interesting”. We’re interesting because we’re the only ones around who are willing to use the lable. If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s no-one there to hear it, then who gives a shit?

Anyway, throwing shit at the moon might force us to invent better rockets, and that makes me for it.

This isn’t Star Trek. As far as Aliens go, we’re it, at least locally. So who else has claim to the solar system? Spores?

“Don’t pollute the moon, you’ll damage the fragile eco-system of the local rock-life!”

Like we could do any worse than the asteroids its lack of an atmosphere provides.

Oh, be real. The moon is uninhabited and already a cosmic junkyard. There’s no environment to be polluted and if anyone lived there, they’d have bigger things to worry about than the very occasionally falling space probe full of souvenirs. Crap is continually raining down on the moon from space in amounts much larger than this. The impact crater from a 22 lb payload (plus the spacecraft, I assume) will be undetectable unless some future lunar colonist stumbles across a depression in the ground. And the $6,000,000 might actually contribute to the likelihood of that actually happening.

And spare me the “human race” is all rotten and corrupt meme.

Give me twenty bucks and I’ll throw your shit at the Moon.

[sub]No guarantee said shit will actually reach its destination.[/sub]

In Heilein’s “The Man who Sold the Moon” it was suggested that a soft drink company could spray their logo on the moon so that it was visible from earth.

Heinlein, dammit, HeiNlein!

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Well, it wouldn´t be the first time that shit is thrown at the moon.

Blame the Russians

Not only they threw shit at the Moon, the probe even passed gas on it´s way to the surface. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the OP

Special burst-resistant; for what is worth they could just as well pack the stuff on a china teapot… :rolleyes:

If I had 6 million I´d rather buy a bridge.