hey look, another birthday thread

it’s my birthday.

and it’s about as uneventful as one can get. there’s no parties, no gifts, and i don’t even see anyone for 5 waking hours of it. i don’t even get a birthday dinner or a birthday cake. just fetovers and pie if it’s not all gone. :frowning:

so what if it’s not any different from my normal day, but c’mon, something should happen on my birthday.

on the bright side a couple people remembered it and gave me big happy birthdays. that was the first thing to bring a smile to my face in a while. :slight_smile:

that’s all, carry on.


I’m sure the strippers will be along shortly.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday (ynh)!


If I could, I’d make it dance around and be animated with lots of sparkly stars around the words, but I can’t. Here’s hoping you have a good one anyway…

WAIT A MINUTE… NO birthday cake or birthday dinner? :eek: Dude, that is SO not good! Maybe next time, your friends and family will actually get it in their heads that you should have one of those! However, I know a year is an awfully long time to wait… :eek:

Happy Birthday!

Mine is next Wednesday, and I’m aiming for an Inebriated Birthday Celebration. The best birthday parties are the ones you don’t remember!

ah, the lack of joys of turning 15.

Hey, (ynh), check the “Bad Birthdays” thread for details of my own 15th birthday. You could be throwing up over the side of a boat too…

True, the options are limited for a 15-year-old having a lone birthday. I suppose you could try the Adolescent Triumverate of caffeine, sugar, and bad TV. I’m sure “Real TV,” “MaXimum Exposure,” and “You Gotta See This!” are going to be on soon…

Heya, (ynh).

It could be worse. Hell, I turn 37 tomorrow; wanna switch birthdays? I’d love to be 15 again.

My birthday gift to you: I want you to realize fully, just for a moment, that you have made a good impression on thousands of intelligent, erudite people in an international forum. That people from around the world know your nickname, and that some look forward to your posts. That before hitting fifteen, you’ve got a worldwide reputation as a smart, witty guy. That oughta count for something.

If the people around you are letting you down, you might want to take charge of your birthday for yourself. Go out and do something just for you. Something you enjoy. Make a big deal out of it. Treat yourself well.

I’ve had some sucky birthdays, and (through no fault of my loved ones, just some really nasty circumstances) tomorrow is shaping up to be a really bad one too. Best thing to do is to celebrate however you really feel like it.

Then for their birthdays, give everybody else gravel.

Yay! Happy birthday, (your name here) :slight_smile: :cool: :smiley: [sub]smileys are in color again![/sub] Sorry about your crappy day… if I had a car and I could drive and you lived by me I’d try to get you a cake or something but I don’t think any of those apply :frowning: Oh well. Hope next year is better.

[sub]P.S.: Your birthday is exactly one month before mine ;)[/sub]

::does cartwheels through thread::

Hey, if nothing else, it’ll brighten up MrVisible’s day…:smiley:

MrVisible has a good point. I don’t even open birthday threads, but I wanted to wish you a happy one. Hang in there.

I can (somewhat) commiserate. My dad made a point of not mentioning my birthday to me for 2 years running when I turned 17 and 18. Ya know, sometimes people do crappy things.

Happy birthday.

Yeah, what MrVisible said :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! I always look forward to seeing your name on a post :smiley:


well, thanks for the tips, if thats what you’d call them. that’s what i will.

well, even better, my mom forgot to give me my card at the end of the night and i stepped on a piece of pencil the dogs chewed up. it went into my foot and hurt alot. still does, but oh well.

i’ll see about 16…