Hey!! Meryl Streep!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re a fucking idiot. There, is that better?

Lets see now,

because I do not like to see POLITICAL speeches at an awards show, be it a conservative opinion OR a right wing Howard Deanish lunaticical
rampage all of a sudden YOU feel the need to start calling me names???

hmmm sounds like typical liberal reaction…

Did the dog poop on your carpet today?

If you didn’t want anyone else’s opinion, why did you post this thread? Posting something on a public message board is an open invitation to anyone who happens to read it to reply. That’s pretty much the entire point of an internet message board. If you didn’t want anyone to reply to what you wrote, why not just write “Shut up, Meryl” on a 3x5 card, crumple it up, and throw it away? That way, you’ve expressed your vitally important opinion, and managed to not make yourself look like an idiot in public. Sounds win-win to me.

I would suggest not posting under the influence.

Lunaticical? I think the dog pooped on your posting.

Actually, I thought Jim Carrey’s little snipe at Elf was in bad taste. More so than any political opinion.

But, you can’t stop movie stars from saying politcal shit on award shows. And you shouldn’t be surprised by it, either.

Also… you’re a stupid stupidhead.

Obviously YOU didnt see Meryls little tirade, she is the one that made herself look like an idiot in public…

No. I’m calling you an idiot for posting some drivel and expecting people not to post their opinions of said drivel. Also because yu’re obviously too fucking lazy to go make a sandwich or gasp actually change the channel when something comes on that you don’t want to see.

I’ve never seen Q.E.D like this. Tee hee.

I’ll have to take your word for it, since you’re clearly the resident expert on the subject.

Actually, I think awards shows are a perfect venue for stating a political opinion. The shows themselves are basically vapid informercials for the industry but they have large audiences and if the political message is more important at all it’s more important than an awards show. If you have something to say you might as well say it. You might make somebody think and who cares if the GG awards get sidetracked for a minute?
It’s funny that no one ever gets upset by all the patriotic grandstanding at sports events these days. Praising the troops is just fine too. Pro-war sentiment isn’t “political.” it seems.

OMG guys i wuz waiting 4 teh Bus Downtown and this homeless Girl was all like “STOP STARING AT ME!!!1” and yelling at everyone, and i was like “Hey, no one CARES!”

Damn Liberals!

I blink, therefore… I am.

Here you go.

You’ll have to ask my brother Cervaise to sing it, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, like Alar on apples.

Meryl should keep her yap shut on things outside of acting. Although given the amount of work she’s been getting, I guess we won’t be hearing much of her.

PS: Seemed to me that Dubya said a lot of things were more important to worry about than gay marriage and steriods. You know, terrorism, for example. That’s why he didn’t start out the speech: “Ladies and gentlemen, the State of the Union is good except for the scourge of jocks on roids and all these people making commitments to one another…”


You know, people used to talk about steroid abuse or committed relationships, but these days it’s their sleep number:

“I’m a 30!”
“I’m a 70!”
“I’m a 25 but I used to be a 40, isn’t that funny?”

I care about MY sleep number. I set my side to 25, my wife sets hers to 60, we go to sleep. So don’t come up to me and say “I had to watch Meryl Streep talk, how 'bout you?” because I DON’T CARE!!!

Is there anything LESS important than stopping gay marriages? Is there any excuse at all for introducing some stupid, personal bugbear into the SOTU Address?

Go Meryl. Shrub should keep his yap shut on things outside of Playstation baseball.

Not sure it’s just personal. In fact, as Dubya noted in his speech, Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act. And then there are the poll results, which last I heard were on Dubya’s side.

Note also that Dubya never said that gay marriage should be outlawed. He said that one state may not redefine marriage for another state. If the people of Massachussets or Hawaii or Vermont want to make gay marriage a reality in those states, there isn’t much Dubya can do about it (unless he tries to shoehorn some sort of federal legislation based on interstate commerce, which I doubt he’d do and the Supremes would likely not uphold).

Actually I wasn’t forced to hear her words on TV…I HAD TO HEAR IT HERE.

You fucking moron! If you are ignorant to the point of actually watching that shit in the first place. Actors giving each other awards, gimme a fucking break. I wouldn’t even watch the shit they were bragging about. Never even heard of half the friggin shows they mentioned on the news as being “awarded”.

So you’re saying that the ignorant bitch was wrong. That we SHOULD be worried about gay marriages, huh?

Good lord…next thing they’ll be talking about selling dildoes in Texas again. Fucking stupid shit.

and to think I let a halfass intelligent thread to stop in here. :smack:
Hey D/C wussup!

sorry nuthin nuthin personal…had a bad fuckin weeks all and it just felt good to rant w/ya a bit.

Damn, I can’t even chew on somebody’s ass anymore without feelin guilty. :frowning: