Hey!! Meryl Streep!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very few people on this planet GIVEASHIT what YOU think!!!

Err…what exactly prompted this outburst? I’m curious.

I’m sure Meryl is equally disinterested in your opinion. :rolleyes:

Nor, friend …aboutnuthin, what you think, either.

How about an Abraham Link-oln, here?

What, did she trash Bush at the Golden Globe awards?

At the Golden Globes tonight, she said that we have more important things to worry about than people who wish to commit their lives together and athletes on steroids.

You GO, Meryl, and shut the fuck up, OP!

And we should care what you say about her?

Obviously, you care what she thinks, since you apparently listened and posted a thread on it.

I exist at the pleasure of Ms. Streep. She only has to say the word and a team of “gentlemen” pays my home a visit, and I meet a fate similar to Joe Pesci in Casino/

I was FORCED to listen to her, it wasnt by choice…

Even the looney Sarandon and Robbins and Alec had the decency to keep the awards NON political this time, or did they?? I usually wait till THEY come on to visit the restroom… ROFL

Just as I’m equally disinterested in yours… :rolleyes:

Gee, you’re breakin’ my heart. Shit head.

Well, I’m even more equally disinterestededed in yours… :rolleyes:

Who gives a shit?

I’m sorry she held a gun to your head and talked, i really am.

Oh, wait…

I take it, then, that you think we don’t have anything more important to worry about than steroid abuse?

nuthinboutnuthin, do you think that there aren’t more important things to worry about than people who wish to commit their lives together and athletes on steroids? Or is this just an ad hominem attack?

Ahh, yes, obviously your TV doesn’t have a mute button, a power button, or a way to change the channel. And since you were chained to the couch with one of those devices they used in A Clockwork Orange, you were forcibly exposed to Mrs. Streep’s opinion. That bitch.

well CRIPES!! If everyone is so Uninterested… Why do they keep replying about being disinterested???

In the interest of the OP, I posted an opinion and interestingly enough,don’t recall asking for anyone elses opinion since I wasnt interested in anyone elses opinion, interesting though it MIGHT have been, but if you feel
the need… … … carry on… be my guest, whatever rolls your socks up and down

I’d tell you, but i’m not interested in telling you.

Don’t recall aking for anyone else’s? Are you fucking nuts? Are you really denser than Elvis’s fecal matter?

This is the pit, moron. Not MPSIMS. Not the “I wanna post stupid shit and have everyone agree with me forum.”

Get a life.