Hey, Pugluvr! Over here!

Ukulele Ike says that edress you have him was returned as “undeliverable.” Now, stop kiddin’ around and send him your REAL edress, not the fakey one you give to pushy guys in bars, so’s I can send you that Snyder/Gray book!


Hell, I’m sending you MY address.

– Uke, lovin’ them 'lectric chair photos

Weeellll, Ike, had you poked your foine Oirish nose into my “True Crime” thread, you’d know I have a hardback 1938 copy of “The Trial of Ruth Snyder and Judd Gray.” Without, I add, THE famous photo. Just a lot of family-album stuff . . .

But Pug’s got dibs. Maybe she can forward it on to you after she’s read it . . .

Mea culpa. Our firm’s been having bookoo email problems this last week, but our beloved IT gentleman now says it is fixed. Give 'er another try, Eve.

Ike, I probably won’t want to read that trial transcript more than once. If you’d like to see it, let me know and I’ll forward it along when I’m done. Nice gruesome reading for late at night, I’m betting.

Pug—Ya gotta send Ike your edress, he never sent it on to me, as it wasn’t working. Or, I could send Ike the book and he’d ummm, send it to . . . No, maybe you better send Ike your edress.