"Hey, my new book's out!"

Gotta really shout this one from the rooftops, as the publisher is small (but well-meaning) and has little money for promotion or advertising.

I’m really happy with the cover design (anyone recognize who the Cover Girl is?) and layout. If this one does well, we’ll do a Vol. II, covering the stars of 1930–60. “Bride of Golden Images,” maybe, or “Faster, Golden Images—Kill! Kill!”

Mazel Tov and Congratulations!!! makes me wish I knew how to read:)

A hearty congratulations. I’m jealous. Hype that book!

Spam! Hey, Euty, this is Spam!


(Don’t mind me, I’m just jealous… Mazel tov, Eve!)

That must be a great feeling of accomplishment. I shall toast in your honor, and get myself a copy of your new book. I will also write you a nice review of it for Amazon.


I didn’t mean you guys were to BUY it—$35 is a bit ridiculous for anyone not interested in silent movies. “Congrats,” good Amazon.com quotes and maybe a ticker-tape parade down B’way will be quite nice, though . . .

It is nice to have these articles between covers and not wrapping fish, so I do hope we go on to do a volume II, maybe in “aught-three.”

Oh, and Spritle—it has lots of purty pitchers in it for those of you who can’t read . . .

Congrats, Eve!

I’m joining the gang with the green glow over in the envy corner.

Cool Deal!

I’ll look to check it out the next time I find myself at Borders or Barnes & Noble.

You mean, you wrote a book an’ it got published an’ people are gonna give you money for it?

leans head on hand, elbow on desk


You’re my hero.

Very snazzy job from McFarland! Usually they don’t bother putting ANYTHING of the front covers, ya just get your name in gold type down the spine.

Keep pushing everyone to look to the on-line booksellers, as this publishing house has VERY little presence in brick-and-mortar bookshops.

See, $35 sounds expensive until you do the math. That’s 85 cents an essay! You throw in the introduction, the table of contents, and the dedication page -all at no extra charge - and you almost can’t afford NOT to buy this book.

Yes, congrats indeed. Anyone who has enough self-motivation to complete a book deserves priase. I’ve been writing a book for over a year and so far only the forward, and one and a half chapters are done. It’s hard work that I have little time for.
(of course, I’m sure I might get it done faster of it were my means of income.)

[Dressed like Ruth Etting, leaning wearily against the wall at Roseland:]

"Eighty-five cents an essay, that’s what they pay me—
Gosh, how they weigh me down . . . "

Hmmm—plus, throw in the 100-some photos, and the index (eight nuns went blind doing it!).

Yeah, I would be real surprised if this ever shows up in your corner Ye Olde Booke Nooke. On-line sales are about it for this number (les’see, I get $3.50 per copy sold—enough to get the Sunday Times!).

Hey, where did I put that Pit thread about publicity whores who only show up when they want to separate us from our cash?

Looks like it’s time to insert another acquisition recommendation in my library’s suggestion box. (Yes, I did say another, and that does mean what you think it means. I’ve even tried writing left handed. I believe they suspect ballot stuffing.)

Congrats. Don’t be such a stranger.

As long as we are on the topic, anyone want to buy any girl scout cookies?

" . . . publicity whores who only show up when they want to separate us from our cash?"


I show up to make bad puns, drag in obscure pop-culture references and to tease Ukelele Ike to such an extent that his chain has been yanked clear off!

Besides, I’m more of a “publicity call girl.” More high class.

publicity “lady of the evening”?

spotlight strumpet?

limelight Lolita?

publicity prostitute?

hype hooker?

I’ll stop now…


Depends… are they made with fresh girl scouts? </hijack>

Congrats, Eve - I got a little magazine article published once. I was paid with 2 copies of that issue. Your accomplishment is head and shoulders (and ribs, pelvis, and kneecaps) above! We’re all proud of you.

Marion Davies?

Nahhhhhh…Thelma Todd.

With THAT nose?