"Hey, my new book's out!"

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Thelma is VERY SENSITIVE about her nose.

Poor little thing with that great honker and her head all bowed down under the weight of it…

It isn’t THAT big. It’s rather cute. It’s just nice to see a natural nose sometimes.

WOW Eve! People really DO win!

Congratulations. I hope to someday post a thread with exactly this title.

Amazon.com is the future for small publishers and new authors. I support it all the time, and I love silent movies! I get up in the middle of the night to watch them on AMC.


It’s Lilyan Tashman, ya big gazookises! “Gazookii?”

Why the hell would they put Thelma Todd on the cover, Ike, when she’s not even in the book (unles you didn’t click on the Amazon link to see who IS in the book? Hmmmmm?).

I am very happy with the cover design . . . But I do wonder why they picked one of the few photos NOT from the silent era to put on the cover, when I have so many heart-stopping photos of, say, Clara Bow or Olive Thomas therein? A five-year-old could tell that photo of Lilyan is from 1930 and not pre-1927 . . .

Not that I’m competitive or anything, but my sorrow at being wrong is tempered by Ike being EVEN MORE WRONGERER! At least I guessed somebody in the book! :wink:

I picked a blonde at random.

Please don’t hit me.

Here’s another link (to my publisher) with more info, with a better cover shot. Lilyan, by the by, was a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn. Well, maybe not so nice . . .


"I picked a blonde at random.

Please don’t hit me."

—Yeah, yeah. If we had a nickel for every time Ike used THAT as an excuse . . .

Eve, I bow to your greatness. This is yet another thread I checked out solely because I saw your name.

I have a whole bunch of essays, but I don’t think anyone would pay me for them. Although Teemings did use one.
(sadly goes back to her sad, boring, pathetic, unfufilling job. and wishes she could spell)

Wait, so its a GOOD index? Eight nuns? Good. I am so damned sick an tired of half-assed, poorly done indexes. I’d say roughly 80% of the academic books on my bookshelf have indexes that are complete wastes of paper. I’d like to know what band of chimps they hired to do them, so I could go throttle each and every one.

I’m serious about indexes. I don’t know crap about early film, but I’d buy your book for the index alone.

P.S. I do work across from a theatre that still does live-organ performaces for silent films they show. Does that count for anything?

Congratulations, Eve! Your fame grows by leaps and bounds. :slight_smile: Looks like a great book, and I would love to get it in paperback when it comes out – they are going to release it in paperback, right??

Because of the platinum blonde Harlow-esqe dye job?

Just got Platinum Girl from my local library. I’m reading it for the writing style, given that the lives of stars of the stage and screen have little intrinsic fascination for me.

Publicity whore? Hell, if I was a published author, I’d change my username to *Buy My Book and have an Amazon URL as my sig line.

I’ve been planning to put together another Amazon order and this is the perfect excuse. That $3.50 royalty check is as good as yours, Eve, so buy that Masarati you’ve been eyeing.

I’ll pay $35 for that book.

When I get the money.

Dammit, Eve, you always get your stuff published when I’m broke! I love silent film history, and your books have been at the top of my “MUST BUY as soon as humanly possible” list for months now.

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming. I’ll see if I can talk one of my relatives into getting it for me. My husband is broke too.

((((Eve)))) Congrats!

I’m the guy who posted the “favorite britcom” thread. I was the first to tell you I was envious of you, and ZING, within hours you have a new book out.
Hell, if envy is all you need, I’ll e(envy)mail you every day and in no time you WILL be able to buy a new maserati.
I have yet to check Amazon. my machine is amazingly slow today. Do it later. No sense in grinding down any more molars to nubs or cursing til I’m hoarse.
I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you.


Eve Before I add the best part of my post, I owe you an apology. I never responded to your e-mail about my assertion about Lucille Ball’s comedic talent. Please e-mail me again, as I was intimidated by the quickness of your query.

Congrats about your new book.

For those of you(us) who are on a limited budget, but would like to find a book previously published by eve, which is now out-of-print, you might like to put abe into your “favorites”. Just to show you how highly valued her previous works are, lookie here

Wow! If only I had known to stock up!!

Seriously, you can find incredible bargains on all books at this site. I’m not pushing this site. I have just tried quite a few, and found that they seem to have more participants and better prices than many.

So, eve ,am eagerly awaiting your book to appear on this site as a remainder. But, I think, since my ex works for local Borders, I may have to go buy it on her discount.

That’s great.:slight_smile:
Many congratulations from me.





Whoa, Eve’s an author? Who’d have guessed? Congrats.

Eve, how many books have you written? Are they all on the same subject? How did you get into writing about old movies?

Thanks, all [blushing prettily].

Jodi—Umm, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but $35 IS the paperback cost. Yeah, I agree, it’s ridiculous, but it’s a small publisher and would’ve been, like, $45 in hardback.

Sam—$100 for Platinum Girl? I gotta start peddling my left-over copies on the 'Net!

Crank—I actually did the index and indeed went blind 8 times. I haaaaate doing indexes, but am too broke to pay anyone else (even chimps, the overpriced little bastards) to do them for me.

Finagle—Hope you like Jean!