Hey so this aga whatever dude

I said I was going to stop doing this, but sweet gods people, take it the fuck out of the omnibus thread. 132 posts about jack-off and bull penis recipes is a LOT. In so many ways.

Commence sniping.

I support the pitting, but I’ll complain about the title. When I see the thread link under one of his posts, I want it to be a glorious insult that needles him every time he makes an idiotic argument. This title is just…meh.

I am open to suggestions. Best suggestion gets new thread started tonight sometime.

For some reason, that agawhatever asshole really pushed my buttons in a way that no other poster has. I think it’s the blatant lying in GD & P&E, where we can’t call him out for it. If you ask him for a cite, he provides some irrelevant piece of shit site.

I don’t think I’ve seen such blatant lying in those forums before. Asshattery, trolling, etc., yes, but not blatant lying.

I used to see all that (including blatant lying) from our eight-legged friend, but I haven’t seen it for a while now.



Here’s one:

Now you’ve done it! He’ll be trolling over here next.

What part is incorrect?

See what you’ve done? Let’s try this: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Also, for luck: Kltpzyxm Retsim!

Looks like Rittersport is trolling again.

Please provide a cite for this lie. Thank you.

And, with that, I’m out of here. Your inane, lying posts are normally hidden from me, but I just can’t resist seeing that garbage you’re spewing from your rancid brain. So, I’m gone! I won’t let the door hit me in the ass. Thank you in advance for your concern.

Hi Sunny! Long time no hear. What the heck is this about???

Are we turning the doofery up to eleven? I’m not wearing my fancy hat yet.

If this board has to have trolls, you could do worse than a doofus made of chocolate.

He has the distinction of being the third to fail Kron’s Test of Posting Worthiness… literally every post originated by him could be replaced with fart noises, and the value contained therein does not change.

That’s absurd. Fart noises would by far improve his posts.

So would this.