Hey US Gov't Isn't About Time You Gave Us Our Automatic Weapons Back?

I mean I don’t want to go up against one of these wacko terrorist that is holding a ak with 30 rounds with my limited 10 clip 22? I want an M16, MP5 or an uzi. Come on giv’em back isn’t about time to let the taxpayers defend themselves agaist these scummy sub-human roaches?

Aw, Christ. Someone please tell me he’s kidding.

<hammers a ‘DNFTT’ sign into the ground and walks away>

Bill, please explain how having an M16 in your possession will stop an airplane from crashing into a tall building, or how an Uzi can protect you from a bacterium?

And you will be pointing it in which direction?

C’mon Bill, quit holding out. Please please please please please … Where are the terrorists?

It will definetely make me feel more confident when I die at least. :wink:

Your’re right it won’t against that stuff but it will help me if those suckers are planning raids on American neiborhoods. They might have watched “Invasion USA” too. No telling what they are going to do next. But I know one thing they are going better armed than me and I don’t like that one bit. Especially since I can affored better guns than 10 of them losers put together but I can’t have them because of a law.

Where do you live, again? That you have heavily-armed terrorists darting between the garden gnomes?


Garden gnome. That’s funny. Hee hee hee hee…

An exercise in recursion:

Where do you live, Uke, that you have to ask where Bill lives that he has heavily-armed terrorists darting through his–hee hee–garden gnomes? Hmm?

And while I have your attention, Bill, please check out thisthread.

There’d be no problem if garden gnomes had assault rifles.

Since WB has already told us that he considers abortionists the domestic equivalent of terrorists, the last thing I want is WB with an automatic weapon in his hands. I suspect a great many other people feel the same way. All I can picture is this schmuck waltzing around with an M16 firing at sharks, abortionists, alligators, and “ragheads.”

Assault rifles don’t kill people. Garden gnomes kill people.

::wiping screen off with kleenex::

I’m auditioning to play Ben Johnson. Loved that guy!

Y’all crack me up. Funny funny stuff. Especially you PLD I am laughing my butt off right now.

I’ll make you a deal, Bill. You take my Selective Service slot, and I’ll make sure you can have all the automatic weapons you can shoot. You can prance after terrorists all you want, and I can guarantee a death lousy with confidence. Sound good?

I’m glad you find it funny. I wasn’t joking. I would no sooner give you an automatic weapon than I would give Charles Manson a copy of the “Beatles Anthology.”

:: Peers around :: Nope, it’s still there.

Actually, the ordinary variety of garden gnomes are not what we have to worry about.

It’s the assault garden gnomes that causes concern.

Thanks-I could have lived without thinking of Bill’s ass.

Bill did it ever occur to you that right now might NOT be such a good time to give back weapons-think about it-someone may be connected to a terrorist organization?


The garden gnomes are the terrorists. If your neighbors have them, you don’t want to be out at night.