Isn't anyone going to Pit the Denver Batman killer?

I don’t know where to begin. WTF is going on?

The whole thing is so bizarre I’ll just Pit him.

Again, WTF is going on?

Too soon.

I guess we get a pit thread for every deranged gunman, so why not.

What a terrible tragedy. Politicians will gab and posture and try to claim they know the right way to deal with this (not to mention that one Republican congressman who said this shooting was due to a ‘breakdown of Judeo-Christian values in this country’ (never mind that the shooter was very active in his Presbyterian church)). But really now our energy should be spent focused on treating the wounded, mentally and physically, as well as the friends and families of the victims.

You’re taking a brave stand here R. P. McMurphy

I Pit him for, among other things, potentially spoiling the movie for millions.

Have you considered becoming Nzinga, Standup?

Yer good.

Obviously the breakdown of Judeo-Christian values has now spread to churches. Gandhi would argue that this is not a new phenomenon.

Heard on the radio that one of the people killed in the Denver theatre shooting was a journalist who was a witness to the recent mall shooting in Toronto. Some folks is just plain unlucky.

I’m waiting to hear his side of things.

I’ll say. The insight behind the countless expressions of “WTF” is something I never would have imagined.

The guy is crazy. It’s not that complicated. Just like the guy who shot Giffords.

Since that event happened, more people have been killed by non-crazy folks who were just driving and fiddling with their car sound system or something. Or tailgating, because of course that saves you so much time. There’s your “WTF” for you.

Isn’t anyone going to Pit the Denver Batman killer?

or TNT for airing *The Dark Knight *(about The Joker) on right now?

Maybe we should stop giving them any attention at all.

Why should TNT be pitted for doing so?

I’m not sure it’s even possible this guy committed the crime he is accused of. First he would have to prop open the door, then he would have to reach down and around to grab his weapons.

The pressure on his legs and back would be enormous, it’s basically impossible to do.

I love Batman, so I really hope this guy doesn’t end up being called the Batman Killer.

Spoiler Alert: Audience dies.

I heard he propped open the door with a toilet paper roll.

Innocent people.
End of story.


It was a paper towel tube, dufus.

You might as well Pit the weather. We’re always going to have latent crazy people - as well as a lot of not-so-latent ones - and as long as one of them has a little freedom and a little money, he’ll be able to take as many lives as he* has the means and the will to.

*I say “he” because he will, however, almost invariably be male.