Waste of Ammunition

Well atrick or treateris dead. Apparently 29 rounds were fired from an AK-47. What a tragic waste of expensive ammunition. Time for the gun cognescenti to post one-handed about how much better a shotgun is for home protection.

So a 22-year-old ex-convict drug addict with $7500 in cash shot an innocent person? Sounds like all those existing gun laws–the ones prohibiting felons from possessing firarms, prohibiting illegal activities like drug dealing, et cetera–are just working like gangbusters.

This is a tragic case, but more of one involving a dangerous felon with prior history who shouldn’t be released into public to begin with.


Woops, not the pit.

I saw nothing in the article to indicate that he was a dangerous felon. The multiple drug convictions could have all been misdemeanors, for which he served the appropriate 30 days or whatever.

He was afraid of being robbed, so he bought a gun for self-protection, and - as so often happens - misused it.

If you have more information than the link in the OP, please feel free to correct me. Really, I’m open to changing my view.

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What the everloving fuck are you on about, DanBlather?

Just another example of the gun culture at work. This is on top of the news that an 8 yr old shot himself in the head with an Uzi at a gun show. I understand hunting and target shooting, but the gun worship in this country just creeps me out.

I just don’t see how so many people think they need guns around to keep them safe or the country free.


I am going to the hottest part of hell.


Which one?

The OP, I assume - he posted the same thing before then edited it out when he realized the thread was in GD. I don’t know why he’s a troll, though.

Yup. AFAICT, the shooter is not being charged with illegal possession of a firearm, nor with any other criminal activity besides murder and assault with intent to kill.

Now, you can argue that this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often, and that a statistically insignificant number of tragedies of this sort is an acceptable price to pay for maintaining the right to self-defense, or whatever. But AFAICT, you can’t make a case here that the legal system wasn’t operating the way it’s supposed to, or that anybody except the shooter was to blame for the outcome. Here was a guy who was legally entitled to own a gun, and he got a gun, and he made a very bad decision.

You are a truly awful person.

I’ll drive if you chip in for gas.

FWIW, I hope the asshole does hard time for what he did.

I support a person’s RTKB, and to use force to defend person, family, and home.

I have never supported the right to spray bullets at random people who knock at your door on any day or night.

If you can find anyone here on the SDMB, or any “gun blog” who does, put it up here for the solid condemnation it so richly deserves.

Otherwise, you’re just taking cheap shots at gun gun owners, trying to somehow link support of RKBA with the right to kill 12 y/o trick-or-treaters.

You can certainly argue that legislatures that allow private citizens to own AK-47s are partly to blame.

What the heck is an RTKB?

Right to Keep and Bear (Arms).

Right to kill burglars?

Naw, I, ah, posted something a little more, um, pitworthy. I haven’t reposted it after the move because I had a second to realize the little turd isn’t worth my time.

He’s a troll because he purposefully posted inflammatory bullshit he damn well knows is disingenuous, to see what kinda shit he could stir up. He got me, too, but I’m done now.


Isn’t the “keep” bit kind of redundant? I mean, if you can bear them, presumably you can keep them. Otherwise you’d only be able to rent them or something.

Which part is disingenuous? Other than the (presumably sarcastic) “waste of ammo” part?

Dude, he’s not going to comprehend a word of what you just wrote. DNFTT.