12 people shot dead at BATMAN movie screening in Denver.

ABC news

*An overnight shooting at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colo., has left 14 people dead and at least 20 people were injured, according to authorities.

Aurora police confirm they have a male suspect in custody and they have recovered a gun at the scene.*

Watching news unfold about the horrific shooting in Colorado at the Batman movie premiere… apparently a guy dressed all in black burst into the midnight showing and started shooting. Absolutely horrible.

I wasn’t prepared for that.

A slightly longer article.

Merging two topics about it.

Everyone’s a critic.

What is it with crazy young people and guns in Colorado?

It was just reported here by the local news in Denver that the shooter’s* car had Tennessee license plates (although he did live near the theater.)

  • 24 year old white male

My heart goes out to the victims and their families and loved ones. A senseless act of violence can devastate a community and change people’s lives forever. I lived in Denver in 1999 when the Columbine shootings happened and I now live in Tucson about two miles from the scene where Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and those other poor people were shot, so I’ve been touched by tragedy, although not directly. Still, my thoughts are with the Denver community, which I was fond of when I lived there. May they find the strength to get through this tragedy and may they find answers to why the shootings occurred.

Ugh. How awful.

Looks like 12 dead, not the originally reported 14. 50 inured. Seriously, mass shootings are getting old.

I’m very glad I was too hungover to go to the premiere last night. I woke up this morning, flipping through my FB feed on my phone and was like, “What the hell?!”

I had shifted my plans to tonight but now I don’t even want to go. It’s also the theatre that my students and friends may go to, so I’m a bit on pins and needles this morning. Teachers like me are still on summer break. (Why do I have to be friends with such geeks?) Also, if I remember correctly, the movie was showing at that theatre in more than one at slightly different start times to accommodate crowds, so the odds that anyone here knows anyone hurt is still so low.

But the feeling is creepy and shitty.


What in the actual fuck is wrong with you?

Homeric laughter, perhaps.

Apparently the kid is James Holmes.

A three month old is being treated at the hospital.


Shooter is James Holmes, 24, no prior record. I’m guessing he’s another mentally ill lone wolf.

This is awful on so many levels. Due to agoraphobia I get anxious in theaters and specifically worry about random shootings. So far I’ve been calming myself by saying, “What a silly fear. That’s never happened!” Guess I can’t do that anymore. :frowning:

So, does this guy have a facebook page?

A three-month-old baby is among the victims? At a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises? WTF?

I looked…there’s one James Holmes fitting that description in the area, but you can’t tell. No birthday listed. We have a friend in common, though. :o