12 people shot dead at BATMAN movie screening in Denver.

I don’t think 3 month old babies have regular sleeping schedules…

I must admit I’ve thought we were overdue for a domestic terrorist attack, especially with the international events going on and our upcoming presidential election, but this doesn’t seem to have that as a motivator.

So sadly I am still expecting some form of the former.

Probably a better topic for another thread (since just being there doesn’t mean you should be susceptible to gunfire) but I agree with you.
I heard a 6 year-old was also shot and they were getting statements from pleanty of 12 year olds.
What the hell are a bunch of children doing at a midnight showing of a PG-13 movie?

I recall. Can’t really fathom subjecting a three-month old to that sort of noise at any time, though - or other theatre patrons to a baby’s natural reaction to that sort of noise. (Unless the theater had an isolated parents’ room?)

Also in the WTF department, one of the dead was a Texas woman who recently wrote about narrowly avoiding last month’s mass shooting at Toronto’s Eaton Center:

They are out of school for the Summer.

you tube videoof the panic.

She’s all over my FB feed at the moment - she was an intern sportscaster on the radio. But that’s not the same Jessica.

edit: @ Larry.

Reading her twitter feedis rather depressing.

Different name, but same girl. You can see her photo in her profile, and her blog and twitter make it clear.

Creepy. Did she recently get married or something? You’re quite right!

Now that the gallows humor cherry has been broken I can bust out with some lyrics by My Chemical Romance:

According to FB, a former coworker’s daughter was there. Physically fine but a bit shocked. I don’t think I want to let my kid out of my sight for awhile!

Evidently the three month old was in a different showing room, so I suppose the kid could have been there for a different movie entirely. In any case, it seems that the infant’s injuries were not due to gunshot.

Why not? It’s summer and they can sleep in the next day. Some kids really want to be the first to see the movie, just like when Harry Potter movies come out and they all go to the midnight premiers.

As for the 3 month baby, if the child is going to be sleeping, as is likely, a lot of parents would rather hold the baby in the theater than pay a sitter.

I always look for all the exits whenever I go to a crowded public place, but that doesn’t seem like an unreasonable fear. Unfortunately. :frowning:

There’s a dad outside the local high school (where people are being interviewed) asking if anyone’s seen his son. It’s sad. Link.

I don’t know if it’s the same Alex mentioned in an earlier report? You know how online news is always reporting people’s Twitter feeds? This morning someone was asking if anyone had seen his friend Alex.

There must be something in the actual fuck wrong with me too, because I laughed. :frowning:

The same thing that is wrong every single time someone makes a joke in a thread with a morbid topic. They are participating in gallows humor. It isn’t an indication that something is ‘wrong’ with them; it is an indication that they have a different sense of humor than you do.

Man, I felt something brewing about this movie. Fans have just been über invested. I don’t know if Heath Ledger’s performance in the last movie was just so freaking astonishing that fans were too worked up for the next installment, but fans have been going bananas. Threatening critics, flooding rotten tomatoes with enough crazy comments to shut the damn comments section down, prompting the website owner to release a statement saying “Jesus Christ twisting the nails, it’s just a MOVIE people!”

It is really bizarre. I am on the edge of my seat to find out if we will get any answers as to why this happened. Also chomping at the bit to see the movie. Going tonight.

I’m a cop and a soldier. If it wasn’t for gallows humor I would have lost my mind long ago. Although it is usually me who tells the guys it’s not a good idea to be laughing and joking while standing near the head because someone might be taking pictures.

Why isn’t anyone asking where the shooter got all those wonderful toys?

OK, I’ll crawl back into my hole now.