Hey! We're Going To Pluto!

Initial funding for a NASA mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt of frozen objects at the outskirts of our solar system received formal approval when President Bush quietly signed an omnibus bill last week

[Homer Simpson]Woohoo![/HS]

looks across the street

Yup, they’ve been working hard on the pluto probe for a few months now.

What’s it gonna be, the “cannonball with a camera” design or something more complex?

Me, I just wanna see some good goddamn pictures is all.

Don’t know, but I too hope they put a camera on the thing. Wish they would have done that with the probe they dropped on Jupiter.

Yes! I can finely uncross my fingers.

When will we go to Goofy?

Some of us don’t have that much further to go…:smiley: