Hey! Where ya goin' Dad? Huh? Where?

thank you, VunderBob

and yes, I am both a she and a newbie, but I don’t make a regular habit of pilfering goats.

There’s nothing cuter than a baby goat! I love to scritch their fuzzy little heads. They’re even cuter than lambs, if you can believe that! But then they grow up, and they’re just goats.

Hey, Rue, where ya going? Whatcha doing? Why do you need new wellies? And what are you planning on doing with that goat?

merrily, that’s some very impressive knitting! The llama is my favorite. And the ferrets are very cute.

merrily the reptile thingy is jake! I want me one of those!

EllaBean come on in and make yourself comfortable. The whole point of MMP is that it is pretty pointless. You can share your innermost thoughts or random wanderings. Also, I like beer and cookies and cockies. Just so ya know. Actually, I think chaoticdonkey put it best in ATMB. To paraphrase, he said it keeps a bunch of us from starting endless threads about how we ate orange chicken for lunch or cat puke stories. We just put it all in here. Speaking of cd, I’m laying the shrubbery lobbers out in the bushes. Next time you’re out there how about trimming em up a bit. I mean, if you’re gonna hide in the bushes I figure you’d like em to be sorta neat. Watch those cash advances on credit card thingies young man. They can mess ya up in a hurry.

s_f your kitties have satanic eyes. That’s what makes em so cuddly. You forgot to mention the daily short skirt alert level. I don’t know exactly why, but I look forward to those.

s_f, youe eeeevil kitties both closely resemble Booger the Nutless Tomcat, who has decided I’m his bestest bud in the whole world.

Did I mention that I’m a dog person?

oh, splendid!

so I can tell you all that I made muffins for breakfast today, but since I doubt anyone will be up for at least a few more hours, I think I will store the muffins away and make another breakfast.

Is French bread okay for making French toast? I’m going to make it with tofu and soymilk. I hope it comes out well.


Thanks for the compliments. I knit for the thrills!

Swampy, I guess you mean Ozzie? He is cool. He is one of these

Easy to make, and knitting will be a great hobby for when you are sitting by the pool. Plus, small projects are best for hot days.

Anybody know what Rue is doing?

Warm thoughts and good vibes headed to Puggy and Mr. Anachi.
Please keep us posted Puggy.

Rue, in just a few short years, your kids aren’t going to ask where you’re going and why. They’re going to wonder WHEN you are going so they can be left ALONE and they really DON’T want to know why you’re going. They’ll practically cheer when you leave the house. However, when you return they’ll ask if you remembered to buy them something they should have told you to buy, but didn’t tell you to buy…you know, because you wear the big swami hat and you should just know they need this stuff.

As I said in last week’s MMP during this last weekend, the camping trip was an absolute blast. As soon as I can kick someone off the computer that has the pictures on it, I’ll post a few to my photo hosting page and provide the link.

I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes trying to readjust my chair. Why do office chairs have to be so friggin’ complicated anyway?! Christ, there are more buttons and levers on this chair than I know what to do with. My co-worker had her daughter in here on Friday her daughter had great fun playing on my chair. I, obviously, was not at work. At any rate, the chair was totally not adjusted to my liking or comfort when I arrived this morning. Every knob, lever and button that could be fooled with, had been fooled with. At any rate, I finally got the chair adjusted, but not without a lot of “hmmm, this certainly isn’t right…ahhh I see, lean back, push lever, but don’t lean too far back, or you’ll have to do it again”.

I have a killer work week facing me, and I’m not looking forward to it. I best get started.

Can I play too? I read the MMP all the time, decided I want to be one of the cool kids.

Since Rue mentioned Brody, I guess I can talk about our dog. His name is Mick.(my husband named him after Crocodile Dundee because he was on “walkabout” before Animal Control picked him up!)

He was in bad shape when we got him from the shelter. He was filthy (they said they bathed him, but I think they just washed at him. We had to wait a week after his surgery to bathe him and cut his hair. His hair was so long, that he looked like a sheep!

We know that he was someone’s pet, because he is housebroken, and tolerates my yougest daughter’s lovin’ on him.

In other news, Mr. Anachi get better now! We will accept no substitutes.
Tupug , I know you don’t know me, but hugs from the Sneezy household are headed your way!

Re: the OP. Reason # 4,683 I’m glad I don’t have kids.

Hey sneezy! Welcome! Wow, two newbies and it’s only Monday! Word must be gettin’ out about how jake and cool the MMP is. I wonder how FCM will decide who gets the welcome chandelier first? This will be interesting.

Remember how I said I got a new heat pump thingy last week? The dang thing is acting up! That’s right! It appears to be freezing up mid afternoon. That ain’t good. It happened Saturday and Sunday. I had to turn the ac off a couple hours which did not make me a happy bear. Anyways, they’re supposed to show up at around 2 PM. We will have a long discussion about how this will be fixed today! Or, as our very own Bobbio would say, a pound of ass will be extracted. I repeat, I am not a happy bear right now. More later.

Rue, maybe we should get your kid with my mom. They seem to have similar habits re the third degree.

Let’s say it’s 10am and I’m at her place. We’ve just spent an hour going over lunch for the next week (she changes the plan daily) and reviewing shopping lists; as usual, she’s managed to come up with at least two stores. Since I’m already dressed, I stand up, take the shopping wallet from the cupboard, and leave the kitchen.

Mom: “where are you going?”
Me: “to get the shopping cart, to go shopping.”
Mom: “shopping where?”
Me: “to the butcher’s and the baker’s, Mom, we only had one list today and it’s for the butcher’s”
Mom: “oh, ok, I just wanted to make sure you had the right lists, you know”

I have been going shopping daily whenever I’m at her place ever since I was 6. At least your kid hasn’t had over 30 years to get used to the idea that you won’t up and leave :stuck_out_tongue:

Payers to Puggy and Mr. Anachi.

On a lighter note, yesterday I got mud thown in my eye. It’s okay now, but let me tell you, it’s just as bad as it sounds. It didn’t stop me, however from enjoying Ozzfest. Iron Maiden. Was. Awesome!

,/ [evil face] ,/

I’ve heard the expression “here’s mud in yer eye” but I didn’t know anyone took it literally.

People are talking about us at ATMB? Really? I have to get out more.

Sorry Sneezy. I can talk about my dog, but you can’t talk about yours. (Bwa! Ha ha ha ha!) That’s why it wouldn’t show up when you hit “Submit Reply”. It’s just against the rules and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Lissla, as a parent myself, I’m contractually obligated to tell you having a child of your very own is the very best thing ever. If you even pry a little space in your tiny heart to let in all the love you get from having a baby, you’ll never regret it. You don’t want to be trapped in a cold, loveless marriage now do you? No. I didn’t think so.

My contractual obligations to the Parent Union (local 429) are now met.

I think the sibs have the better deal. They get to see the boys whenever they want. (Mostly. They just have to call first.) And they get to return them whenever they want. But do I get any nieces and/or nephews? (Is there a collective term for nieces and nephews? There should be.) No. It’s a big gyp.

I know what Rue is doing merrily. But I’m not allowed to say.

That reminds me of the time I came in to work on Monday morning and found my poor chair on its side on the floor. I don’t remember all the damage, but I do remember that the little plastic collar around the base above the wheels was broken, and some other things were wrong that weren’t there when I left on Friday. The building was locked, so the only people with access were the staff (about 20 people) and housekeeping. I didn’t really want to know what happened, because that was the only chair I had, and I had to sit in it. I try not to think about it, because it kinda gives me the oogies. But that was a long time ago, and now I have a new job (well, not so new anymore) and a different chair. Life goes on.

One of my basic rules of life is, you shouldn’t readjust any office chairs that aren’t yours. I have mine the way I like it, and it’s not easy to adjust it, so hands off!

swampy, good luck getting the heat pump fixed! It’s no fun to be all hot and sweaty (well, I guess it can be fun under the right conditions, but not all the time).

susan, your kitties look very evil! I myself have devil bunnies!

Rue, I loved the Brody burping story. It had the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, and a surprise ending! [sup]Burp![/sup] Too funny! Whadda cute widdle puppy!

EllaBean, can I have a muffin? When anyone bakes in the MMP, they have to share with everybody–it’s a rule!

I just hate it when I hear the cat throwing up and then I go to the room she was in and I can’t find it. Either she hid it or she just made the noise to get me to come in the room and pet her.

Being an aunt, dear Og, I know how true this is. Best to spoil and take them out for ice cream, and let them stay up late, buy them noisy toys, all so you can hear the beloved words, “But Daddy! Aunt **Anaamika ** lets us do ____!”


I had nephews for awhile, but had to give them back. The first time I was left alone with them (their mom and my wife were sisters, and would go out bar-hopping together when we were visiting), they decided to see how far they could push me. Let’s just say not very far. About as far as to the bathroom, where they both got swirlies. They did listen to me after that, though.

I too hope Mr. Anachi is well. My thoughts and prayers are with them both.

VBob, it hot enough for ya?

I get to dine with a Doper tonight - envy me!! In a couple of hours, my sweetie and I will be meeting Cartooniverse for dinner, on him! :smiley: So not only do I get to meet him, he’s paying! Come to think of it, same thing happened when I met swampy. Ya know, I think that’s a good precedent. Anyone who wants to meet me has to buy me dinner.

Or not. I’m easy. I didn’t make Shibb buy me dinner. Or scout. Have I met any other MMPers? I can’t keep track.

Anyway, for those who didn’t read my last entries in the last MMP, my inlaws and their dog are back in Florida. My house is blessedly empty and quiet. Life is good.

And now I’m off to meet 'Toons - the newbies are gonna hafta mud wrestle to see who gets the chandelier. They’ll also have to decide whether winner or loser gets it. And when I get back, I’ll post about the blue mushrooms in my yard. I’m not talking kitschy yard art - they’re honest-to-goodness blue fungi! Pics to follow.

Here’s a Monday smooch for all: MWAH!

With extra hugs for the {{{{{Anachi}}}}} family.

Oddly enough, I love it. Always been a summer guy. I think I’ll go walk the beach on Grandview Island tonight because an eye problem kept me from going to the Y this morning to swim (I couldn’t see myself getting my carcass out of bed at 0430, that is…). While at the beach, I might have to accidently fall into the water. Several times.