Hey, WhyNot!

Hey, WhyNot, I was changing a poopy diaper yet again tonight, and I thought of you.

Um, er…Let me try that again…

Tinkleberry has a sticky poo tonight, the kind that makes you wonder if you’re going to have to break out the Brillo to get it all off. Which made me think of meconium. Which made me wonder- since your bitty baby was so early, did she even have that delightful sticky tar first poo? Or did she go right on to the Grey Poupon and curdy stuff?

Hello? Bueller? Bueller? Is this thing on?

OH, I’m sorry, I missed this one! (And all about little ol’ me, too. Well, about my baby, anyway.)

Yes, actually, she did have merconium, and she seemed to have it for an awfully long time - 2 weeks or so! But her little bowels didn’t move much at first, and they had to use glycerine chips to get her to do anything at all. Some of the older nurses said “Ack, These young nurses are all about the poops. In my day, when they’re ready to poop, they’ll poop! Leave their little backsides alone!” It was up to the nurse on duty to decide if and when to give her a suppository, so it varied according to the nurse on duty. (Her favorite nurse, Megan, was a fan of the suppository - connection?)

After the merconium had it’s day, it became regular old baby poop, but smooth, no curdles. Like yellow or green pudding. Just a few days ago she had her first curdly poop. (sniff mah little girl, a-growin’ up!)

She still doesn’t poop much, but she’s up to twice a week some weeks. Still had her Friday and 12:30 poop, but sometimes there’s a Tuesday or Wednesday one as well.

The funniest thing is that whenever my mother holds her, she poops. Doesn’t matter when or how recently she’s pooped, my mother gets another one out of her. It’s the weirdest thing! My mom has always drama queened that I pooped with every single diaper. I now realize it wasn’t my fault - it’s cause she was the one holding me all the time! :smiley:
Heh, heh, heh. Put yourself back five years ago and ask yourself if you’d EVER discuss baby poop in detail on a message board. Didn’t think so!

Well, speaking of poop, is there anything worse than a big ol’ up-the-back poop? Trying to roll their onesy up so they don’t get poop on them when you take it off.

And let’s not forget that cute face they make when they’re going poopy… :smiley:

Well, that’s about it for me, poopywise!

And lieu isn’t here yet? :smiley:

They have these newfangled diapers with a really light elastic poop-catcher in the back! It’s wonderful! Picture a band of elastic like papery material that is attached at the top edge, closest to the waistband, but not at the bottom edge. Any messy up-the-back poops are caught by the elastic! (Well, 95% of them anyway. Once in a while there’s a blow-out which no amount of newfangled diaper technology can prevent, I’m sure. But her poops are still little and containable.)

Huggies calls it their “Giggletastic” ( :rolleyes: ) waistband, but it’s on the cheapies too.

WhyBaby goes crosseyed and trills like a dolphin. Cutest friggin’ thing, man!

(How long before the uptight brigade invades and yells at us for not putting TMI warnings up?)

There can NEVER be too much information about baby poops!

Reminds us childless folks what we’re missing. :slight_smile: