Hey! You got your peppermint candy on my Tylenol.

What genius decided it was a good idea to put a mint flavored, candy coating on Tylenol? According to the box, “Cool Caps”, don’t do anything different than uncool caps. Infact, the box looks exactly the same, except for the small blue “cool caps” above the larger “Tylenol”. That’s why I picked them up by accident. I didn’t notice my mistake until it was leaving a sweet minty trail down my throat. I felt like I had swallowed a giant Tic-Tac.

My headache’s gone…and my breath is oh-so minty fresh! Sounds like a winner to me.

Actually, they should have made the mint Tylenol a special “Holiday Edition”. Then they’d be great stocking stuffers.

I’m thinking it’s not such a good idea from the child-safety point of view.

The whole “this is mommy’s medicine, it tastes nasty and is NOT A SWEET” thing sort of falls apart.

I’m having an overdose of irony here, since I just recently saw a PSA-type ad from Tylenol that said too much medicine can hurt you. They didn’t come right out and say “too much Tylenol can kill you” (probably for legal reasons, but also because people might just avoid it altogether), but coupling Don’t Take Too Much with We Made It Taste Yummy is just bizarre.

Do they distribute the fentanyl lollipops (Actiq) in Ireland?

Every time there’s a Doper Candy Exchange thread, I keep hoping…

Doesn’t seem that wise to me either. On the other hand, have you ever partaken of the adult liquid Tylenol? Talk about minty. I found the green shade of the liquid strangely alluring, but I was extremely sick at the time.

Yeah, we have Actiq (in my formulary it’s described as a lozenge with oromuscular applicator!)…but since it prescription only and mostly given to people with oral cancer, I’m thinking it’s not a huge child-safety issue.