heygeno, what is your problem?

Are matters such as basic etiquette and honesty simply beyond your grasp?

Is it that you can’t handle the idea that someone might not agree with every jot and tittle of your beliefs about the Bible?

Are you people taught in Sunday School that non-Christians simply don’t have the same rights to voice their opinions as Christians do? Because this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that kind of reasoning from a fundamentalist Christian.

The fact is that Eonwe asked for advice on reading the Bible.

You brought up the asinine “Lord, Liar, Lunatic” trilemma- in Cafe Society.

I suggested some good references for Bible study.

At that point, you falsely declared that I had started a debate over whether the Bible was true. I pointed out that I was debating no such thing, and that you, in fact, had started blatantly doing so before my post.

Did you admit you were wrong? No. Did you apologize? No. You just kept running with your lie.

What about the BIBLE ??? If the BIBLE is TRUE, then doesn’t that make heygeno less STUPID ???

Before we can discuss heygeno we must decide if the BIBLE is TRUE. Without consulting outside sources – they are USELESS.

I am not the one hijacking this thread – YOU are.

It’s IMPORTANT to KNOW which words to capitalize. If you, by chance, capitalize the WRONG word, bad THINGS happ

Bah?!? Idiot!

Big Fat Hairy Mother Humping USDA Grade-A Ultra Mega …


It is not his PROBLEM. The bible IS.

IT is yours. What are YOU doing in this,

Nate, I think that Giraffe’s post was a parody of heygeno, The ALL capps GIVES it AWAY.

Heygeno might have had a point if ben had cited something that attacks Christianity (The intellectually lazy Mr. Lizard comes to mind). But he didn’t, he provided a cite to www.religoustolerance.org. I’m a Christian and I dig that site. It tries to explain belief systems ranging from Native American religions to Zorastrianism to Neo-paganism - not disprove them.

WHY are you guys ,NEGLECTING to conform to
this DROOLSPOUT’S – Unusual – notions regarding PUNCTUATION ???

oops. MY apologies FOR the,
little PUNCHY.

I did a search on him-seems he’s only posted in CS. sigh

Guin, if he’s been contained to just the one forum thus far, I’m personally happy about that:)

Then again, he’d be a lot less annoying if he posted in the proper fora.

Are the thousand years up yet?

You know, the funny thing about this is that nothing in my post necessarily even disagreed with Biblical inerrantism- unless, of course, heygeno feels that facts and an open mind are invincible enemies of his beliefs.

Maybe you’re happy. :mad:

Just a little reminder to let you guys know that the CS thread isn’t over. Heygeno’s histrionics continue!

Just out of curiosity, heygeno, what “side of the fence” am I coming from, exactly? Do you think I’m an atheist? A Catholic? Jewish, maybe?

Yeah, but he just got slapped down by Euty.

buys Euty a round-What’ll it be?

I’ll have a pizza to go and no anchovies.


D’oh, reply number one got erased…

Evil!!! Ben, you are EVIL!!! Satan works through you!!!
That ought to cover it…