HFCS vs cane sugar, why doesn't Coke sell both ?

Why doesn’t Coke just sell both a cane sugar and a HFCS version year round ?
I have read that HFCS is used because it is cheaper.
Just charge a higher price for the cane sugar version, and let the market determine the winner.
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My GUESS, influenced by my OPINION is . . .

Probably because the taste difference is effectively nil. Right now they have a niche of people wanting to be trendy that they can play off of here and there, but think about it . . . the #1 beverage in the world isn’t going to change its formula to something that tastes WORSE just to save a few pennies (I’m talking about when they made the original switch to corn syrup.) I think the market would decide that there’s no difference (just like it did when they originally switched), buy the cheaper one (after a year or so of emperor’s clothes, of course), and they will have wasted a ton of money in marketing, branding, and labelling.

Ok, but I would also guess that offering both would help end the HFCS vs cane sugar debate and also give Coke a lot of free publicity.
They have gone to the expense of offering other new flavors anyway, why not give the people what they seem to want ?

Coke flavors:

Because in marketing having TOO many choices is almost as bad as having too little.

As you notice supermarkets and Walgreens (and such) don’t stock soft drinks and chips and the like. The distributers bring in their own people and put them in.

So first of all you are fighting for shelf space which is limited. If one person wants to buy a product and it’s all gone and yet he sees a whole bunch of other products he gets mad. You don’t want mad associated with your products.

For example where I live in Logan Square - Chicago, the Walgreens stock a few bottles of Coke Zero and LOTS of Diet Coke. I asked the manager once and she said, “the Diet Cokes sell much better than Coke Zero.” Then she told me it’s up to Coke to decide anyway not Walgreens. But if you go to upscale areas like Lincoln Park or Downtown you always see much more Coke Zero than Diet Coke. So for my area, which is largely Latino, Diet Coke wins, and in other “Yuppie” areas Coke Zero wins.

Evertime Walgreens has a sale on Coke products I go over hoping to get the Coke Zero which I usually don’t. (I don’t have a car and Walgreens is 2 blocks from my house, and even dragging bottle of pop on a bus can be problematic). Now I leave mad. Get the idea?

It would be even harder for pricing as when Coke goes on sale it’s usually always “Coke Products.” So if you charge more for Coke with Sugar you’d have to keep it very seperate. You’d have to put on signs COKE SALE 99¢/ 2 liters COKE with Sugar NOT on Sale. Or words to those effects.

Also remember HFCS was introduced as a way to cut costs. Tests show few people can tell the difference in double blind studies, so why would you make a product that costs more, that couldn’t be put on sale, or if it was you’d lose money on. And usually at least once a month Coke goes on sale for like 99¢ a 2 liter.

The only way it’d make sense is if you could prove that people who buy Coke with Sugar and NOT buying Coke with HFCS. And then you’d have to prove that market was large enough to cover the extra costs of manufacturing and marketing costs.

It’s one thing to make something like Lemon Coke, where you just add a little lemon to your basic Coke formula and another to change the forumla all around