Coca-Cola Imported From Mexico

Comes in that tall glass bottle and ain’t cheap, but it does taste a lot better doesn’t it?

I don’t know which version they sell in Europe, so I couldn’t say. But I HAVE heard that his version tastes much better than the high-fructose version foisted off on Americans.

Has a blind taste test ever been done to see if people can tell the difference? I’ve paid extra for Mexican Coke but I’m dubious that I can really tell the difference.

Didnt know coke was being imported from Mexico. Is it in a bottle or can labeled as being from Mexico? Available where in US?

You can find it at grocery stores in the Hispanic/Chinese aisle even in the Midwest.

Yes, there’s an obvious difference, but it is more of a difference in mouthfeel than taste. The cane sugar doesn’t have that cloying mouth-coating feel.

Mexican Coke is readily available in Houston. Some of it is sweetened with HFCS–read the label. (There’s an English label glued to each bottle.)

The **Houston Press **did a nonscientific study. Their results: People who grew up drinking cane-sugar-sweetened soft drinks prefer them to the ones with HFCS. I do–for a very rare treat.

It’s typically glass bottles like the one shown here. If you don’t see it where you are, look in a taqueria or a Hispanic grocery store. I’m fairly certain the importation is done with the cooperation of the Coca-Cola Company.

I’m a die-hard Pepsi drinker, but I think most soft drinks, especially Coke, benefits from cane sugar.

It gives Coke a snappier taste and cleaner finish, IMHO. I buy Mexican Coke if it happens to cross my path.

In the spring, we get kosher for Passover Coke on the shelves that has cane sugar instead of HFCS. I don’t know if it’s available everywhere (my area has a sizeable Jewish population) but the bottles have yellow caps with Hebrew printing. Excellent stuff.

You can get Mexican Coke pretty much everywhere here in California these days; it’s generally marked on the shelf as “Mexican Coke”.

Interestingly, the Coca Cola Company has recently announced that they are going to start using HFCS in their sodas in Mexico…but only for soda that’s to be *sold *in Mexico. For “Mexican Coke” intended for export to the US, they will continue to use sugar.

Yep, here Passover Coke has a bit of a cult following even among us goyim ;).

In Russia, Coke has sugar. And it does taste better to me.

HFCS is of course so common in American foods because of the huge subsidies corn/corn sugar get.

I can buy this at any grocery store where I live in Ohio. Also, Pepsi and a couple others are available with sugar in 4 packs of glass bottles.

I’m not sure if the Coke I was drinking in Montreal was the real-sugar stuff, but it tasted different. I don’t really enjoy Coke as much as I used to, now that I’m living in the States. Fountain Coke is still ok, but cans and bottles taste too sweet and syrupy to me.

I keep seeing the “Mexican Coke” around here and I keep meaning to try it to see if it’s more like the Coke of my youth.

Throwback Pepsi and Throwback Mountain Dew are available pretty much everywhere in the Twin Cities area at least. It isn’t everywhere?

The “throwback” versions seem to be like McRib - they pop up every so often, but aren’t constantly available, at least not around here.

We get it at Costco, and yes, I think it tastes better.

We get Coke imported from all round the world here and some of the European ones definitely taste different.

The Mexican coke and American coke taste the same, to me.

This right here - and I’m someone who grew up on the sugar-sweetened variety. Both my husband and in independently noted the better, less-cloying mouthfeel.

I’m sad to see that Mexico may end up not making it any longer. :frowning: