Hi Disney, Whar my toy?

Dear Disney,

How come I can walk into a Target or Walmart and buy a 20" Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Darth Vader or even a generic Tie Fighter Pilot, but I cannot find the same for a single female character?

Where are the Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla 20" figures?

Seriously, if you don’t have them because some toy exec is telling you they won’t sell, then you need to fire that person.

Why fire someone for telling the truth? Female action figures of that nature don’t sell as well as male toys and figures. Darth Vader and the generic Stormtrooper are massive best-sellers. Leia does okay, but nowhere near as well.

(I was once in a toy store and saw an ENTIRE WALL of these. Some poor store buyer had grossly overpurchased. Embarrassing!)

Absolute bullshit. They didn’t order enough, and things sell out.

Of course you’d be the type that holds on to old sexist narratives, though, and think your one experience means everything. Hell, all I did was Google it.

The truly important takeaway here is not your “old sexist narrative” or whatever, but that the Spiral figure you linked to is terrifying and awful in nearly every conceivable way. Even one would be overpurchasing.

I’m surprised female action figures sell at all. Too small for even for a Star Wars geek to fuck.

They were marked way down, just to clear 'em out of the store. So, hell, I bought five.

You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.

I remember trying and failing to find a proper Sergeant Calhoun action figure, so I can sympathise with the OP. But what annoys me about the Star Wars action figures isn’t which characters get the toys, it’s that the stingy bastards have gone back to five points of articulation on pretty much the entire range. I’ve got a $5 Transformer on my desk with better posability than the Optimus Prime I had as a child, but Star Wars has regressed back to 1977 Kenner quality.


Grumman, your critique of action figure design could use a few more points of articulation.

This should have ended with “Bottom-line America…”.

Of course you’d be the type that holds on to the old retarded narratives that think the only way to interact with people online is to annoyingly lecture everybody and think that that experience means everything. Hell, all I did was read your post.

I have 2 girls and a boy, and for his birthday the boy got that same 6-pack of 20" action figures that’s pictured in BigT’s link. My girls immediately noticed the absence of Rey :expressionless: . It’s a 6-pack, just include the damn main character, nobody’s not going to purchase it because it doesn’t have “Generic TIE Pilot” in it.

I’m not asking Target to stock an equal number of Rey and Finn action figures, but if you’re adding filler characters to a bulk pack, shouldn’t someone realize that you’ve missed some of the main characters? Who happen to be women?

Then I thought maybe all the women were in another 6-pack, but nope, you just can’t get them in that same size/set. It’s pretty lame.

Size matters not.

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Female Star Wars toys are selling out everywhere.

In all fairness, the scarcity of SW female action figures (and Marvel female heroes as well) is self-fulfilling: the industry believes these won’t sell, so they instruct their manufacturers not to make them, thus proving that they don’t sell in the same volume (because fans will buy what’s available, and not intentionally withhold their dollars even if primary characters are missing).

They don’t make toys of girl characters because girls don’t buy toys because the show/movie doesn’t have female characters that they can identify with because the producers don’t want to attract a female audience because girls don’t buy toys.


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Come on Barbie, let’s go party. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.

Unfortunately the fact that many toys can be made from the same “male character” mold with different heads and accessories has fully permeated the industry. Now, even though the molding is much less expensive and female characters can be added to the lineup with minimal costs, it’s still normal to do males only.


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