Hi Everyone!

lol maybe I should have kept that quiet!

That be more like it, be-yatch.

Well, then… :smiley:

Never mind this feckless chatter!

Bering !

Are you ready for your…SDMB Initiation?

And the straw. You can’t forget the straw.

Nobody gets the straw until I’m done chucking tapioca balls at Tripolar!

Er, did I say that out loud?
:: gets out of line at the bubble-tea shop ::

Sorry about that.

Welcome, welcome, Bering! Would you like some ice cream? It’s fresh!

Well, you can’t do the goat thing without a straw. Well, you could. But that would be gross.

Don’t do that “lol” thing. It grates on everyone’s last nerve.

I LOL’ed at Ukelele Ike for saying that. Welcome, Bering … I sea you haven’t lost your bearings after the mention of the goat. By the way, if you can’t bring pie, at least bring puns.

You poor sap!

Oh, and throw the pie in the quarry. It’s a sacrificial thing here.

Hi, and welcome, Bering! You’ll enjoy reading, posting and lurking here. I’ve found some threads are just too priceless to forget.

So it’s officially:

  1. Sacred Goat
  2. Hi, Opal!
  3. Unholy squid

Got it. :confused:

Oh by gosh. Please don’t do that. I hate to go down there and throw stuff in just to rescue a pie, tasty as it might be.
Just bring it to my door and I will eat it and throw the pie tin in the quarry.

Pie tins make a good Frisbee by the way. I hit a dolphins’ nose once. He wasn’t too happy.
<<<Checks to see if this is MPSIMS…yeppers.

Welcome aboard Bering. I hope that you researched this MB to see what it was all about before you took the plunge.

Some of these folks are a joy to talk with. Others, well…

I like pie, but cookies works almost as well. Here, try a snicker-doodle!

Since my name starts with a number… hmmmm.

Again, welcome aboard, 48.

omg those are a real thing?!?

I never say no to ice-cream. :slight_smile:

Sorry :\

Well I don’t know if ‘research’ is the right word but it does look like an interesting place. And thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome everyone, I think I missed most of the ceremony by going to bed, probably a good thing!

Hi, Bering. Nice to meet you.

You’ll be hearing from me before your initiation. There’s some paperwork you’ll need to take care of. Nothing major; medical insurance information, waivers, next of kin, etc. Just the usual, nothing you really want to worry your head about. There’ll be other paperwork too, but I’ve been burnt too many times so I’ll hold off on that for 30 days.

If you want to score points here, here’s one thing you can do. Every Thursday, someone starts a “The Big Bang Theory” thread for this week’s episode. They usually start it in the morning so it just sits there until the show actually airs. There’s an informal competition for someone to be the first to post “This was the worst episode ever!” It’s gotten to the point where we don’t even wait for the show to be broadcast… 5, 6, 10 hours before we’ve seen it - it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, I hope you’ll stick around.

…I’m going back to bed…

j/k nice to meet you too Ranger, and thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome bering!

Have fun and enjoy, but do stay away from the evil place of dark shadows. We call it The BBQ Pit.

And the Grease.

Now don’t go bringing movies into this, or the mods’ll have this thread moved to Café Society…

That’s a relief. The ice cream has been known to get a little testy when balked.

And ‘interesting’ might not be the right word either. I found an escape from this place once, but it was a long time ago. I went back in to get someone else, and the portal shifted, and then there was no escape.

Uh oh.

Yeah, I guess you have to load it up before you can suck it out.