Hi Everyone!

New poster, please be gentle. :slight_smile:

Thought I’d better introduce myself!

I want my two dollars.

What kind of pie did you bring?

You do know about the pie rule here, right? It is listed in the FAQ.

Bonus points if it is homemade…

After you’ve settled up with AncientHumanoid, we need to talk.

Over in the corner.

This is The Straight Dope, not The Strait Dope!

Hey, I got that! So, Bering: are you making reference to the Arctic with your username, or are you just a fan of ol’ Vitus the explorer?

The pie rule gets waived when the newbie poster makes his or her first post in the right forum.

Welcome Bering!

Welcome Bering, don’t let them bully you about the pie

the real secret is bringing the right candy

Welcome. I give this warning to all new members. People whose usernames do not begin with a capital letter, are not carbon based life forms.

Spelled B - E - E - R
…& welcome.

Hello, Bering! I have gas!

Thanks for the welcome everyone! I think lol



lol I named myself after my watch :slight_smile: Couldn’t think of a username! Though I suppose the brand might be named after the strait!

Thank you :slight_smile: Candy I can do, pies, not so much!

I’ll, uh, bare that in mind, thanks!

:smack: I should have done that! I’d be GMT Master II. You could call me The Master for short.

(Oh, wait… I didn’t have it until a year after I joined.)

Hi Bering. Welcome to the SDMB. Unlike my sarcastic colleagues I am one of the serious and somber types on the board. I hope you aren’t put off by the hoi polloi and their feeble attempts at comedy, snide remarks, and occasionally incomprehensible outbursts.

Jabberwock Hupmobile! Star Trek panties plummet Roy Scheider! :mad:

Okay, let’s get something out of the way. There are many grammar Nazis on this board, who will, instead of answering your questions, pick apart your poor spelling and language usage.

So it’s ‘bear’ (as in ‘to carry’), not ‘bare’ (as in ‘to undress or expose’). Don’t let it happen again.

I think what Bering meant was that he’d be mentally-undressing the Dopers whose usernames do not begin with a capital letter.

dont u wry - dere r no grammer nazis hear 2 bother u dat much
jus b urself and skrew em if day gets upsetz.

Blame chronic lack of imagination lol

Thanks, oh I don’t mind people kidding around :slight_smile:

But then again…!

A hundred thousand apologies, I shall go and throw myself off a bridge in penance!

Don’t worry, its a small bridge.

She :slight_smile:

heh thanks

How* you* doin’ :wink: :wink: