please welcome our newest member

Ladies and Gentlemen of these boards, please give a warm SDMB welcome to Hilary.
Hi. My name is Hilary and I am a lurker.

I have lurked your boards for many a year.

Why did I join today?

I don’t rightly know.

I would love to play real nice in your sandbox as long as no one kicks sand in my face.

Not anticipating posting prolifically here, but quien sabe?

Thank you for letting me join.

(deep curtesy)

Welcome, Hilary. I’m pretty new around here, too, and I don’t post prolifically, either. It’s fun to hang around and read what others write, though.

Lurk More.
Kidding, I’m kidding! :smiley: I also browsed many a year before finally registering. At first I didn’t post a lot. Now they can’t even begin to shut me up!

Welcome. Glad you decided to come join the fun.

Welcome, welcome! Would you like a turkey sandwich? Don’t be alarmed by its appearance. It’s quite good.

sounds like a plan



I love turkey sandwiches!

A little mayonaise and … oh nevermind. All turkey sandwiches are fine with me.

thank you

My guess: you took a look at all that leftover pie from yesterday, and though, “hm, where could I bring that?”


As as fellow lurker-who-recently-got-roped-in-and-is-now-hopelessly-addicted, welcome! If anyone tries to tell you they have a bizarre initiation ritual around here, though, they’re just funning ya!

Psst, guys! I think she bought it! Bring in the goat, quietly!

I’d stay away from the Pit (at least for a while) if I were you …


Hope to bump into you from time to time :wink:

If anyone kicks sand in your face, I recommend taking a Charles Atlas course.


No problem! I think I managed to catch them all. Would you like some ice cream for dessert? The wasabi mint is a little off today, so I recommend the butterscotch.

Butterscotch it is, then.


Thank you!

I’ve never taken a Charles Atlas course, but I am a Jiu Jitsu expert with a modified Uzi.


I am so transparent. You guessed it!

Have some pie.


You are so right. The concept of The Pit scares the bejeebers out of mine. Mehthinks never to have visited that board in all these years.

Thanks for the good advice.

You bet!


You are quite the prescient.

nine posts within the first 24 hours–the onset of addiction appears imminent

Hello Hilary Algar, be welcome, enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kindness.