Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off to Heave I Go - An Early MMP

So today’s start time is 0230. But 50/50 Midnight is still running. Which is fine, because I get paid the same whether I’m busting my ass, or standing around scratching it. But only 18 more days of Peak Season.
Y’all hijack away. And use coasters, or FCM will give you The Look

I just bought coasters, so I’m covered!

Weather weirdness continues - we’re supposed to be close to 70° today, and on Weds, we won’t get out of the 30s, plus possible snow. I’m going to try to suck up some leaves today while it’s mild. Tomorrow, SIL gets his knee fixed, so I’ll have Tobias (they seem to prefer using his full name) and I might have to fetch Roxy, depending on timing.

Today our survey report is due and we’ll be able to start figuring the next step in the boat acquisition. And the search continues for a name. FCD wants to call it Sirius. I feel like that will result in Harry Potter comments all the time. No. I will not live with that. I like Heron - he doesn’t. The search continues…

And so begins the week. Happy Moanday!!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN I was a slugabed until seven. I know. The shock and horror! ‘Tis 54 Amurrkin out and foggy (we have another DENSE FOG ADVISORY in effect) with a predicted high of 78 with a < snerk > 69!% < snerk > chance of rain for the day. I need to make a Sam;s run for stuff we need plus some needs for the church house. I shall do that this mornin’ just to get it done. Sup shall be boxed lasagna (don’t judge!), sallit, and cheesey garlic bread.

Happy Heavin’ doggio! My mug o’ caffeine is on a coaster as I post.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, woe, and bother, I suppose I shall purtify and don appropriate bein’ amongst the general public attire. How I must suffer!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning.

It’s a cool 36 degrees here and we’ll probably see rain later. Up north, where Flyboy lives, they may see a little sloppy lowland snow.

Today I’ll be wrapped up in mediation with the union. Such fun…not. But, it’s gotta be done. Since I’m doing that today, I decided to push off going to the office until tomorrow. I receive too many interruptions when I’m at the office. After work, I need to run some errands. If the mediation ends early enough, I may just ask to use up my credit hours to get them done. But, somehow, I don’t think the mediation will end soon enough for that.

Well, I need to think about how to make my Christmas hat gaudy and ugly. We’re having a Teams Christmas meeting and there will be an ugly hat contest. We decided on an ugly hat contest because we only see sweaters from the chest up.

Mornin’ all. Tis 48 degrees here with a predicted high of …48. I made an Etsy sale over the weekend, now I need to go make the darn thing.

taters I read that as meditation with the union. Sounds very…something.

Now must onward into the day. Stay safe, all!

No coaster for me. I’m such a rebel. Wind advisory in place. Batten down the inflatable Christmas characters on your lawn. 151 days til retirement.

Afternoon, mumpers! I abandoned any attempt at keeping up with you lot last week, I have been so busy with irk and stuff, I keep logging in here and telling myself I can spare a few minutes to read the MMP but something else happens and I have to log out again to sort out another irk problem.

{{{{{To anyone who needs it}}}}}

Life has been hectic over my way, we were away from home for a week which was lovely as I didn’t have to spare a thought about work at all, busy as we were out doing stuff and visiting blokie’s family, but good to be away for a while. Since I got home, it’s been crazy busy at irk, so many staffing problems that take up far too much of my time. Why can’t people just do what they’re asked to do in the way they’re asked to do it?

Finally starting to get over the monster cold thing too, it’s been nearly six weeks hanging on and although I still have an occasional cough, and my nose is still a bit snotty, I am feeling a lot less brainfogged. My sense of smell and taste is coming back now, and all my tests are still negative for C-19 so I am as cured as I’m likely to be.

Now I have to become a bit of a hermit as we are still hoping to get away at hexmas, which means proving to the airlines that we’re covid-free just before departure. Now Bojo the Custard-Filled Binbag has decided we need a test before we can come back to the UK (and another one 2 days after we return), we’re having to work out exactly what sort of test we need (and what documentation to confirm results) plus where we could get on as we’ll be in Vegas. The guidance is being reviewed in 3 weeks which will be after we’ve left the UK, but might go in our favour and scrap the pre-departure test on our return flight which would be a really great hexmas gift.

Other than that, I gots nuttin’.

How about Osprey? Gets the hunting theme in while still being a water bird.

Waaaaay overused. We’ve seen that name so many places we’ve traveled. Heck, even when we had a boat named Wandering Star, the owner of the marina where we we eventually stayed had a boat with the same name. We’re looking for something unique, maybe a little on the geeky side, easily understood over the radio, but not too obscure. That’s not asking much, is it?? :rofl:

Morning all. Woke up to a large flash of lightning and loud thunder about 7am, according to the weather Wizards it’ll last until about noon, so I’m pretty much stayin’ home for the AM. Supposed to by to 66F today, but start to cool down tomorrow.

boo fae, hope work doesn’t get you down. And that your Xmas getaway goes well. I’ve signed up with a group for an Alaska cruise in May 2022, figure it’s easier to vacation inside the USA, but will probably still need to do tests before going.

I bought coasters several months ago via Amazon, not that anything FCM said had anything to do with it… :wink: :lying_face:

Taters, after you solve the union problems at work, the baseball folks could use your help…

Moooooommm, have no idea what a compromise between Sirius and Heron would be…maybe Starling, you get the bird, he gets the big flaming ball of gas…

doggio, scratch away.

OK, need to finish waking up. Think my Post-Xmas present to myself will be one of those robot vacuums since I can’t be bothered to do it myself.

All y’all take care now.

Morning everyone. Finally acting like December here in TX, but only for a few days. Expecting 80F by Friday.

I’m sitting here with coffee and not much else to do, because my CIAs (Contractor Interaction Algorithms) are out of date. Contractor promised to start retaining wall on Saturday and I, having not fallen from the turnip truck recently, assumed that meant today. Apparently my simple algorithm (add 1 day plus 2 more if weekend) isn’t sufficient. He said he’ll be here Wednesday so I’ll get the fence opened and cars moved Thursday morning. Not sure whether he’ll show then or Friday, but at the least I can correct my algorithms.

For a big boat, “Sorry, Kids” has a nice ring to it.

I was going to suggest Daughter’s Inheritance:rofl:

First snow of the season. I got up to urinate a little before two, and peeked outside. It probably started on schedule at 1 ayem. It shouldn’t stay long.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day (even though it’s not officially on the church calendar anymore). Off to a doctor’s appointment in an hour or so. The joys of being old, but it gives me something to do and I can stop at the store on my way home. P.S. plus put all my cards in the mail.

Ah, St. Nicholas Day. When we were kids we put out red boots that were filled with treats and fruit.

I got this email from Microsoft Viva in my irk email:

It looks like you read and respond to email quickly outside your working hours.

Consider turning off email notifications outside working hours.

Yeah… no.

Popped Stack. :wink:

I thought Wifey, RN might want to go see her patients today, so I moved the Prius out of the driveway so she could get out. There’s about two or three inches of snow on the cars.

Now that’s beyond geeky!! :rofl:

I got the afghans delivered. the woman there was asking how much I’d charge to make her one like one in the bag. I told her I didn’t make them to sell - I thought that was gentler than saying it’d cost between $200-300. And that’s if I only charge $5/hr for my time That’s why I don’t make them to sell - no one would pay for my time. They figure maybe $30 or $40 for yarn, so $50 for the afghan, right? Yeah. Sure.

Lunching on a salad before attacking the leaves. It’s nice out, but it won’t last.