Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off to Heave I Go - An Early MMP

Happy Monday, guys!

I got slapped upside the head by karma this morning. After heartily patting ourselves on the back for being so damn careful at the race yesterday, I got an exposure notice from the high school. Though why I’m a little unsure - turns out the boy was exposed over a week ago, so he and his classmates have had ample opportunity to smear it all over town. Anyway, overlygirl is stuffy and has some pretty sharp sinus pain (enough it kept her up, so I let her sleep in and stay home), and since she’s the only one in the household not fully vaxxed, she gets the swab up the nose tonight - I could only find one appointment that would not entail an hour’s drive. Worst lottery ever.

Anyway, work is weird today and I’m on tenterhooks until I know whether to be worried or not. But I guess even if she’s got COVID, I can’t make it go away by worrying, so I should probably stop. And that’s all I’ve got.

Heaved and taped. I got to chat with appropriate crush on Saturday. She has a Golden with chronic zoomies.

If it was a catamaran, I’d suggest “Two Keel-a Mockingbird”

: tacklehug :

Afternoon all. Shopping-n-sammich trip outside has been completed and am contently chewing on my Jersey Mike’s #3. Rain seems to have departed the area for now, so will watch trains on-line.

Just thought about needing to clean my bathtub and why doesn’t someone invent a power tool for cleaning bathtubs and…I’ll be visiting Amazon here in a bit…amazing the things we never think about are already out there.

talky, hope the girl is feeling better and test is negative.

FCM, regarding the afghans–“But you’re retired, I thought you’d be happy to have something to do.” * FCM hits them with a waffle iron *

OK, onward into the afternoon. All y’all take care.

Leaves have been mulched, vac’s, and dumped in the woods. I even got the mulcher/vac put away myself - I was able to back it most of the way into the shed, then maneuver it into its corner. go me!

FCD was scheduled for PT today because he was supposed to have gotten his knee done last Firday before the Dr finked out on him again. He kept the appt because his other knee has been not right and we suspect the doc screwed it up. I’m not one to scream “Sue 'em!” but the way this practice has been treating him, I’m leaning that way. We shall see…

With my dusty, leafy chore done, I think I’m free to chill! Time to download another cheesy Victorian romance novel… yes, that’s what I’ve been reading. I’m not ashamed. But let’s keep it to ourselves, shall we? :wink:

Because both Switzerland and the U.S. changed their entrance requirements, I spent much of the weekend trying to figure out how I’m going to manage the test to come back here. Of course, that could change by the time I actually have to take the test.

Took a long lunch today and did some touristy shopping. Sort of sad to see the typical crowded stores so empty.

Work is getting weirder and weirder. We’re still in “transition stage” and I think there’s more to come.

Discovered recently that there’s locally made wrapping paper, and I managed to snag a roll of Christmas-y stuff. Had no idea where it was sold, but I know that one shop tends to have a lot of local stuff and is a bit classier than the main tourist trap.

So we’re testing chocolate, to decide what to take with us. Life is hard.

I was seated by our Admin’s husband at the Christmas party Friday. In addition to an affinity for bow ties, we also have filmmaking in common. He’s a Senior Post Production Editor at a local PBS affiliate, and has two credits as Producer on IMDb for a couple of recent films. Our Admin said, ‘He wanted me to ask you about your connections :blush:!’ So I sent her a link to my IMDb page.

The light snow is turning to light rain, and the snow is melting off of the pavement.

70F and noon here. Hubs is bottling beer and will want my help shortly. We called our regular vet for an appointment for Missy and the first one available was on the 14th. This is the third time we haven’t been able to have a sick cat seen in a timely fashion there, so I called another vet and got an appointment for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s vet is closer and we have used them in the past, but laid them off when their prices for fixing ferals tripled.

Hubs is taking our friend to a doctor appointment so I will be taking VBC to the vet early in the morning. I was going to get my second shingles shot today, but the first one made me feel crappy for a couple of days and I don’t want to risk not being able to take our girl to her appointment. She’s not sick sick if you know what I mean, but she just ain’t lookin right.

Everyone has to make tough decisions at times, I’m sorry for your suffering! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

That’s a very kind refusal. I usually say something about it taking me several years to get to a point when I could start their project which tends to change their minds. I did once tell a co-irker who loved a piece I was working on that I would do one for her for fifty bucks but I wouldn’t start until she had delivered all of the supplies in the colors she wanted. I never heard another word about it from her.

Poor girl, I hope she is negative and starts to feel better really fast.

Happy Moonday!

Nice 48 degrees at the park this morning.
Only two people and three dogs. No drama.
It started to drizzle as we were leaving, but then the sun came back out.
It’s supposed to get into the 60s today, then back to freezing your ass off weather.
Until the weekend when it’s supposed to be in the 60s again.

I sprayed Mike down with soapy water yesterday.
If it rains this afternoon, I’ll put him outside and let the rain give him a better rinsing.

I need to order groceries today to pick up tomorrow.
It’ll be a small order, mostly just stuff for my son’s irk days.
One of the things my son has to speak up on at irk is letting management know when there is a problem so they can deduct the time it takes to solve the problem. Like when the bag of coffee blew up in his face. It takes time to clean up the mess, but the clock is still ticking in terms of his performance. If he loses 10 minutes of time to clean up a mess, his time needs to be adjusted so his performance doesn’t go down.

Looks like it’s going to pour rain any minute now.

Why did I have to explain to a Big Lots employee old enough to have gray in her hair what Neosporin (antibiotic ointment) is used for?

Happy Monday!

I have rescheduled a doctor’s appointment, sent documents to the re-fi place, avoided Pixel’s Gaze of Power, and ordered groceries. 'Beamer went to school! There was much drama, including a bathroom trip juuusssttt as the bus arrived AND a bonus request for toilet paper. Apparently, he can use the bathroom in less than 30 minutes because he made the bus. I would have been thoroughly irked if he hadn’t.

Thanks! I’m just glad we kept our masks on the whole time we were at the race yesterday. Running in a damp mask is about as fun as it sounds but if she has COVID or even just a run of the mill virus, at least others are less likely to get it. She hasn’t had a fever at all, and she won’t stop singing and talking at me about how she wishes she were at school instead, so if she does have it, I’m guessing it’s relatively mild.

Thank you Jane. Don’t know your Mumper name cause I am a baaaadddd Mumper. Anyway, hey everyone. Lots going on at the Butters place. I just signed electronically to sell my 2014 Toyota with 107K miles for over 10K$ to Vroom. Of course they reserve the right to lower that once they possess it and inspect it.

I have a realtor coming on Wed after the maid to tell me how much my house may fetch. I made sure she knows I am on the fence about selling. So, no obligation there.

My Christmas tree will not put itself up. It’s been in the living room for a week now so I should either put it up or haul it back downstairs. I really wish it was up. So much work.

Got jury duty summons, federal, starting Jan 3. Happy New Year to me. It’s one of those call after 5 pm deals each day for two weeks so I may not have to report. Lord willing, ain’t nobody got time for that.

I bought myself a smart TV so am cutting the cord today. If I can’t find it I don’t need it. I have prime,Hulu and Netflix. I shall still have an internet bill.

MOOOOMM. looking in Ocala again and found a perfect house for me in Marion Oaks. Realtor says it’s overpriced so we shall see. These are my big three in order of importance; Privacy fenced yard, no carpet, city water. Only need one bedroom and one bathroom and a kitchen. There are no one bedrooms available so I guess I shall have a junk room like I have now.

Have not read. Had a hell of a time even finding the new MMP. I think they should pin it but that’s just me. I hope all are well and happy. Now off to read. Almost forgot to let y’all know that I spent an hour cleaning the roller and vacuum cleaner this morning so I haven’t been a total slug. I do feel a nap coming on though.

Don’t call it a junk room lest you only ever use it for boxes. Call it your hobby room or reading room or office so you actually get some use out of it. Plan to use it when you are stacking your boxes so you don’t have to move boxes when you bring in a desk and bookshelves.

Back when the world ended, Mom started a new project with thread she had. She’s almost at the end and ran out of one color. I contacted the manufacturer who said they didn’t do retail sales. Their area code made me think they were in Tucson, so I emailed back with sob story about aged mother wanting to finish one last project before she died and offers of pizza or cookies. The long suffering person who got stuck dealing with me sent me a links to several online stores and even took the time to look up the specific color I wanted. I’ve ordered Mom’s thread and sent a thank you email, so all is good in my world.

Sorry I’m in and out, folks. Two of my kidbots are having major, major psychiatric problems and it’s not really lighthearted at all. And it’s eating up a lot of my time. But I’m thinking of you!

Also I want to vent about my ex husband, and I can’t figure out if it should go in MPSIMS or the Pit.

Decisions, decisions.

If you haven’t already, try Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series. It’s fun.

Happy Moanday, everyone. It’s been raining. Lately the NWS forecast keeps saying 40% or 50% chance of rain, even when it’s pouring out there. Maybe they’re trying to keep our illusions intact so we don’t go all The Iceman Cometh. Or maybe they just get sick of saying 100% every day. Rain’s OK by me, though. Beats snow. (Hi, flyboy!)

I’ve put away the delivered groceries, ordered a pot for Al Vacado, and am waiting for dryer to stop so I can fold clothes. Then it’s off to the gym.

Oh, Saint Nicholas Day! We used to put out our shoes the night before, and there’d be little toys inside the next morning. :slight_smile: It sounds like a northern European tradition, but my mom said they did that in Italy. It sure made the wait for Christmas easier.


I’ll read it wherever you put it. I guess if there’s lots of swearing, the Pit would be a better choice.

FCM, all-time favorite boat names are Row v. Wade and The Codfather. I wish I could come up with something that clever. I tried to think of a name that would allude to your engineering backgrounds, but all I came up with was The Turbogrands and The Open Circuit. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect name.

Is there any other kind? :slight_smile:

I’m using the poor man’s coaster: a folded paper towel. Does that count?

A dreary day in the PNW. Our garden dude came and pruned mightily, so the outside is looking spiffed. He comes back tomorrow with a load of bark and other material. We took an exciting trip to the post office to mail some Xmas cards. It was a fun ten minutes. I wanted to take a drive through the airport and shout insults at arriving passengers, but got vetoed. My best ideas always get nixed, it seems.

Put a few art prints on Craigslist this morning. I’ll be gob-smacked If I get any serious responses, but it’s just too much hassle to put them on ebay.

Feel free to start a Pit thread so you can vent away.
Bonus: you’ll get (un)solicited advice, some of which occasionally turns out to be helpful.

I snerked. That’s a good one.

Goddamn I gotta figure out dinner again?!? I swear, I just did that, like, last night.

The order of magic Internet Chinese food we got has that covered for a couple of days at least :). One of their orders of fried rice is what I consider four reasonable servings and my order of egg foo yung should be about three portions (one of which is making itself at home in my stomach right now). DH, to my surprise, reported that his kung pao shrimp was about one serving of anything he liked (he dislikes zucchini, which is quite common in Chinese food in this area), but he should get at least two doses of the hot & sour soup.

Major defilthification of one bathroom today, and aside from laundry, I’m done. Back and hips hate me, and gloomy, overcast, likely-to-rain is not helping.