Hi, I'm Back

Did you miss me? Well, I’m back anyway. Not that I actually went anywhere, but I wasn’t here. But now I am again, so I’m back.

I’m not really up to speed yet. The Loop is sorta over there <— while I’m still kinda that —> way. But I’m working on it. And that’s what counts, isn’t it? The working? I think so.

Last week was the Big Vacation and things happened. A couple of them we even planned on. So there you go. It went down something like this:
[li]Painting[/li][li]The Sick[/li][li]Family Business[/li][li]The car bumper was made all better[/li][li]More painting[/li][li]The Return of The Sick[/li][li]Cleaning and reorganizing[/li][li]Dental visit gone awry[/li][li]The Return of Slow Time[/li][/ul]

We call it “The Sick” because that’s what Soupo named it. It only seemed fair that he got to name this dread disease since he brought it home from the germ factory called Kindergarten. It laid him low. Them it came back and got the Little Woman. (That would be “The Return of the Sick”.) Katcha and I dodged that particular bullet. I guess we just have Superior White Blood Cells.

They actually got the car bumper all fixed. The first try. With no problems. It was weird.

They thought they were having a problem. They even called us about it. They thought they had the wrong bumper for our car, so they had to send it back and get a new one. Only it wasn’t for our car. It was the other Honda they had in. They were screwed, but our repair went very well. So that was nice. For us anyway.

Something else worked out nice for us. Sorta. Only not really. But it was OK in the end.

Soupo had a dentist appointment. Only he didn’t. But he did. Yeah, it was like that.

After his last tooth cleaning, (actually they cleaned all his teeth) I made an appointment for him for the next six months. As it turns out, that rolled around last week. Also, as things turned out, he had that Friday off school for an In Service Day. So, when we found out, I called the dentist and canceled his original appointment and rescheduled for the day he didn’t have school. It seemed easier all the way around, and we’d be done earlier in the day.

But as it turned out, the appointment lady (and I use that term loosely) is either an incompetent moron or a moronic incompetent. I’m not sure which. She canceled the appointment and told me she signed us up for the new appointment we wanted. That’s what she said anyway.

When we got into the office, all the desk people were busy, so Soupo and I went and sat down. Then when everyone was done with what they were doing, they just started wandering around (la la la la…) ignoring us. So I went up to the desk and said we were there for our appointment.

“We’re here for our appointment” I said in my most pleasant voice.
“No you aren’t,” replied the harridan behind the desk.
“Yeah, we are. See? Here we are!” Ha ha! Still being pleasant. (Sorta.)
“But you don’t have an appointment,” she snaps back.
(I really hate the new staff our dentist has. He moved to a new dental group, and this is what he got. But the hygienist is really good.)
“Uh… yeah, I do. I made it a couple of weeks ago. Actually I called and changed it, but it was a couple of weeks ago, and we were told we were good for today.” I was still trying to be pleasant, but it didn’t seem worth the effort anymore.
“So who did you talk to?” By now her eyes were rolling up in her head and she was spitting fire. Joy.
" I don’t know!" I stopped even trying to be pleasant here. “Whoever answered the phone and said I had my new appointment today!” Grrr…
“Oh yes, I remember making your first appointment…” she lied to me.
“Liar! I mad the first appointment six months ago with Rick!” (Rick is the good hygienist.)
“Well he’s busy now…” blah blah blah.

Only he wasn’t busy as it turned out. His appointment didn’t show up, so he took Soupo in right then. It all worked out in the end. He had no cavities or nuthin’. And he got a nifty new toothbrush that takes a battery and the head spins real fast. It’s a racecar. Or backwards “racecar a”.

While we were cleaning up the house and putting things back after we painted, I scored big. Waaaay in the back of a cupboard, I found a chocolate Easter Bunny. Probably only seven months old. No way was it over 19 months. Anyway, since no one had a claim on it, I ate it. It was still good.

Welcome back! (you were missed, btw) I said to myself a few days ago, “Gee, I haven’t seen Rue in a while” (I can call him ‘Rue’ informally in my head like that, it’s still my head, you know. I think if I met him IRL though I’d end up calling him ‘Mr. DeDay’) I wonder where he’s gone.

But now you’re back and all is well with the Monday morning Rue DeDay report.

ps. Up there, where you say “Liar!” that scene from Princess Bride wher Valerie calls Miracle Max a “Liar!” Her voice looks pretty funny coming out of your mouth.

or what I really meant to say:

ps. Up there, where you say “Liar!” that scene from Princess Bride wher Valerie calls Miracle Max a “Liar!” popped into my head. Her voice looks pretty funny coming out of your mouth.

Have fun storming the dental clinic!
Welcome back, Rue, though I’m only missing you now that I realize you were gone.

Oh please, Mia, call me “Rue”. (And I’d call you Mia, in real life or in my head or anywhere else as far as that goes, but I’m just That Way.) It sounds so much nicer that “that drunk guy over there with no pants on”.

Not that I’d actually know or anything. It’s what you call a “hypothetical situation”. That means it NEVER REALLY HAPPENED. No matter WHAT you hear.

But, please, call me “Rue”.

Unless you don’t want to. Then I might start calling you Miamouse: Dark Mistress of Hand Lotion. (I probably wouldn’t, but it makes for a nice threat.)

And thank you for missing me Gordon. Even if you didn’t know you did until after the fact. It still makes me feel like I make a difference.

And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Making a difference?

No! It’s doing the Hokey Pokey and turning yourself around. That’s what it’s all about.

Welcome back Rue. I’m glad to see last week was productive and all assorted chores and stuff got done. I think The Sick [sup]TM[/sup] made its way down south cause I’ve head this nasty head cold crud thing for four days now. Also, since Soupo got to name it, I think it deserves a TM, so I just gave it one.

We had a yard sale at my church, only it wasn’t really a yard sale yard sale. I mean we didn’t sell the yard and we didn’t put stuff out in the yard. The stuff was in the breezeway between the church and the Parish hall, in the Parish hall or in the education building. We called it a yard sale anyway, cause a breezeway/Parish hall/educational building sale woulda been too much to put on signs. Anyway, I donated a bunch of stuff to the yard sale and all my stuff sold! I was proud. Obviously yard sale goers in these parts recognize quality real cool stuff when they see it.

I got two new shirts. Ordered em from work. One is burgundy and the other is ecru, which is a fancy name for off white. They are long sleeved, button downs and have our company logo on em. I like em a lot.

Ok, that’s about it for me. My week was obviously not as productive as yours, but since I got The Sick [sup]TM[/sup] during it, I don’t feel so bad about the not being as productive.

Was your version of The Sick[sup]TM[/sup] the one involving having feverish dreams about ducks, and then having trouble with real-life ducks the next day? If so, I had it too.

You got your car fixed, I broke a leaf rake. I guess it all balances out.

What’s a “dentist?”
I know you warned us about the hiatus, but try not to let it happen too often, young man.* I needs me my Monday Rue DeDay posts.
*[sup](Younger than I am by a couple of months. Probably)[/sup]

Welcome back, Rue!

I got to have lunch with Eve last week! It was really cool. Both her and her mother are funny and witty. Too bad the crabcakes weren’t that good.

My Rebound Guy (who may not be Rebound for long…;)) found out that not one but TWO! (count’em!) two newspapers want to interview him for an article. Oh, and he has a commercial out now, at www.gotagless.com. No, not Michael Jordan, silly! On the right side of the screen where it says “Tantalizing Tag Tales”. That’s my boy! (Just like Jello, there’s always room for a plug, right?)

One of my best friends from high school got married this weekend. You know that typical guy in high school, the one who never had luck with women, who swore he would be alone forever? Yeah. Got married to a beautiful girl from Atlanta, and darn near made me cry. (Well, I did. And I’m not ashamed.)

Glad to see you’ve avoided The Sick. Let me also tell you that this right here:

has had me giggling ever since I read it. :smiley:
Yay for Monday Posts!

if i went to the dentist and they told me i didn’t have an appointment. i’d be happy, happy, happy, and dance out of there before they discover the mistake.

your dentist give out cooler toothbrushes than mine. i will complain about this, never you fear.

what colour paint?

Sure I missed ya’. What’s not to miss?

Glad you had a productive week.

Mine was mixed. I found out where the water was getting in through the roof in the back room, so that was good.
But I also burned a bearing in my benchtop/shaper/router. That was not so good. And do you remember when Sears Craftsman
tools had a lifetime warranty? Well neither does Sears. Another not good.
Oh, and I found out Saturday that I passed my real estate brokers exam. A big good.

Other than that it’s been a quiet week in Lake Bumbagon.

Welcome back.l

Heya, Rue! Welcome back!:smiley:

And you just reminded me… I have to call and make a dentist apointment soon. :frowning: I still have 3 wisdom teeth to come out… It’s cheaper to do it here than to do it after we go to the US.

Wow. They have dentists in Korea Astroboy? I thought you just made the noodles slurpier. Shows what I know I guess. (That electricity thing? They got that too?)

When I got my wisdom teeth out, they said I could get all four done or just two. Since I had a choice, I chose two. I stand by my decision.

I remember when Craftman tools were guaranteed forever. I also remember when you could order Sears stuff right out of the catalog and they’d send it to you. I also rememebr crossing the Plains in an ox cart. Some of my memeories are more… reliable than others Bumb.

It wasn’t my appointment, it was for the kid st. chair. Me? I could have rescheduled, no prob. But the kid? Gotta keep to the schedule or you never know when you’ll get in.

And we painted, according to Swampy, pretty much three shades of ecru. But I call one color “toast”. Just because.

Ah! No fair! Skerri got to lunch with Eve and I have to miss OhDope. Life is so unfair. (But I got that chocolate Easter Bunny… no, that doesn’t ballance it out. Poo.)

Hey Ex, I warned you. And you could have done that “search” thing. I’m sure you could have found SOMETHING to fill the gap. Or started your own.

But then when you read it, you would have said something like “Gee, Rue’s off this week. Not up to his usual standards. And the really weird thing is he did all the same things I did.” So I guess it’s just as well you didn’t start your very own Monday Morning Post. It might have confused you.

No Sweampy, The Sick™ (thanks for the “™”) isn’t a nasty head cold crud kinda thing. It’s more a virulent sock full of wet sand smacked about your person. The only upside is it runs it’s course in 48 Hours or so. Maybe 60 Minutes. No, that’s the other network.

Unca Rue! You’re back!

It must be dentist week. I had a root canal, and then last Thursday I got X-Rays, and Thursday I go back again. I’ve seen more of the dentist in the last month than I did in the previous two years.

And completely off-topic (there’s a topic?), I got to color my shoes today. I needed a pair of purple shoes for my Halloween costume, but the store didn’t have any, so I bought white shoes and purple “fabric paint” markers and I colored the white shoes purple during 24.

That’s about it.

I wonder if I can color my white cat purple with these markers…

Trenchcoat Giant (10:24:36 PM): BRITNEY?!?

I missed you, Rue - did you miss me? Well, I’m back too. I don’t want to bring your thread down, so I’ll just say that my Dad’s funeral was truly moving. The number of people who came to the visitations and the Mass was really overwhelming. And I want to say a public Thank You to Zappo for coming by on Sunday - I was truly touched.

And here we are just before Halloween, and I have to ask you, will Trick-or-Treat at Casa de Rue include hot dogs again this year??

Nope, no hot dogs this year, Snickers. But we do have 12 1/3 pounds of candy. (Yes, that’s twelve and one third pounds of candy. We might get as many as 20 kids too.)The Tootsie Roll variety pack and a hard candy variety pack.

That Zappo, he’s pretty OK, isn’t he?

And it’s spray paint for cats Kat. There’s rules about these things you know.

Oh, and the Little Woman just had a root canal. And a crown. She has a crown now so I guess that makes her the Little Queen. It’s a gold crown too. But it’s covered in porcelain so it’s not all flashy. (It’s also way in the back, so even if it was flashy, you wouldn’t know.)


I think I just slipped into a sugar-induced coma from reading that.

And, yeah, Zap’s a peach! If Steve let me keep a harem, Zap would be on the “A” list!

You would, too, Rue, and I’m not just being patronizing in your thread… honestly!! :smiley:


I think I just slipped into a sugar-induced coma from reading that.

And, yeah, Zap’s a peach! If Steve let me keep a harem, Zap would be on the “A” list!

You would, too, Rue, and I’m not just being patronizing in your thread… honestly!! :smiley:

I’m gonna work up a lame costume and drive to Ohio. 12 1/3 (that’s “twelve and one third”) American Standard Pounds of CANDY. Evidently, among his other virtues, Rue knows how to do up Halloween right.

I figured, “hey, I bought three bags of sugary things, that oughta’ hold 'em.” That’s no more than a pound and a half.

Have I become the “grumpy, kid-hating old guy at the end of the street?”
I did do my own Monday Morning Post, Rue. Really, I did.

It was just in my head, but everyone said nice things anyway. It wasn’t the same.