My bathroom, it is a showplace.

Really, it’s just a bathroom. It’s not even a very big bathroom. But the reconstruction is all done!

Really, it’s not. It almost was, but in the end we hit a glitch. The “glitch” was the medicine cabinet doesn’t fit under the light over the sink. I could have moved the light up the wall some if I wanted. I might have even wanted to at the beginning of the project. But right at the end? Tear a new hole in the wall, mud up the old hole and re-paint the whole wall? I don’t think so. So there was an emergency redesign. And that’s how you get the job done. By changing the Plan in mid-Execute.

Really, that’s not how you make the job go smoothly. But whatchagonna do? So the medicine cabinet got mounted over the toilet, not over the sink. No big really. The old medicine cabinet was over the toilet and there was a regular mirror over the sink. (This should have been a red flag for us. It wasn’t. It wasn’t even a yellow, or possibly pink, flag for us.) So we just stick the old mirror up and we’re done.

Really, we have to go find a new mirror because the old mirror is ugly.

Really, the mirror part is fine, but the frame is ugly.

Really, the frame is not too bad, but it doesn’t go with the vision we have for the bathroom. So, in the end, we need a new mirror. And a new towel rod for the hand towel.

Really, we need a new towel rod (Spell Check says “towel rod”, not “towelrod”, so that’s what I’m going with.). And this does not please me. Since the Original Plan called for putting the old towel rod right back where it was, I just left the old anchors in the wall. Since we’re no longer following the Original Plan the towel rod will not be going in the old anchors. This is not a Good Thing to pull on me at the end of the job. It’s no big, I just had to drill out the top of the plastic anchors and spackle the hole up and now I have to slap some paint on the spackle and we’re good. I even have extra paint to cover the spackle with. So that’s what I’m doing today, painting over the spackle. I’m very excited about this.

Really, I’m not excited about any part of this project anymore. But we’re rapidly approaching the end. So there’s that anyway. I just have to do a little more painting. And we have to find a mirror. And we need a new shower curtain. (Why? Dunno. The old one is stiff quite the spiff.) And we need a new fuzzy bathroom rug to go with the new shower curtain. And the towel rod, can’t forget that now, can we? But we’re so close to being done, I can almost taste it. And it tastes like paint.

Really, paint does not taste good. It might taste a little better if it was the exact same color as the little paint chip we picked out, but it’s not. It’s really really close and I can live with it. But it’s not quite the same. But I should have known we were in trouble when the color I chose (And I really did choose this color all by myself. Yeah, I had to get my color choice OK’d, but that’s what you’d expect anyway.) was “Pastel Sage”. Anything with “Pastel” in the name is just asking for trouble.

Really, once we get these last few opportunities (problems) ironed out and the bathroom will be a showplace. Just put the seat back down when you’re done looking around. We don’t want the dogs to drink from the “big water bowl”. Or the cat to fall in. Although that is funny.

Really, a cat fallling into an open toilet? How can that not be funny?


I shoulda spent more time in the bathroom this weekend myself. Instead, I took my lily-white carcass to the beach to feed squid to the crabs, err, go fishing, and I have the mother of all sunburns at the moment.

Sponge paint. Either the walls or the ceiling, but not both. Sponge paint isn’t hard to do, and it always looks nice in bathrooms.

When your three-month-old cat charges into the bathroom every time you pee to make a diving attack on whatever is making that spashing sound. The first time was cute…the fifth time you have to wash off your pee-covered cat, not so much. :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, I know…“close the door when you pee”.

Some friends of mine have a new place and they had a party this weekend. It was a lights out party. Only not that kind of Lights Out Party. It was lights out because a big storm swept through the area and knocked out the power at their house. Not just their house, but a whole bunch of houses. In fact the whole neighborhood. Fortunately, being a couple of gay guys, they had lots of candles. I got there early enough that there was enough light to look around the new house. The master bath is amazing. They got a huge shower with two water spouts and individual controls.

Did you put in the dual showers and double vanity, Rue?

We also had fireworks. Well, not really fireworks, but a light show. Not so much intentional again, but it was pretty. See a limb fell on the electric lines in the alley behind their house, which blew out a nearby transformer. When the 'letric company turned the power back on, the transformer right behind their house started sparking and glowing and smoking.

We all tought it was nice; except the power only stayed on long enough to make the ceiling fan spin a few times before it went out again. I haven’t talked to them since the party Saturday. I don’t know if they have power yet or not.

I used to have a kitten who would perch on the edge of the tub every day and watch me shower. And every damn day, she’d lose her balance (she was quite a good deal less graceful than the rest of her species) and end up in the tub at my feet, looking up at me with an expression that said “Yeah, okay, I know it’s funny. It was funny yesterday, too. Could you please get me out of here?” (This is the same kitten that taught my then-boyfriend an important life lesson about walking around naked. Now that was really funny.)

Friday night, I went for my dress fitting. I put a link to the picture of me in the dress in last week’s MMP, I’m too lazy to do it again. I’m satisfied, and we’re down to seven weeks left before the wedding. The shower is on Saturday, and the bride is completely fooled–she thinks it’s Labor Day weekend. The favors are made, I just have to attach the cute little cards and get them to one of the other bridesmaids, since I’ll be driving with the bride to what she thinks is just an afternoon at her aunt’s, buying cheap knockoff designer purses.

My best friend and I had planned to go to the Renaissance Faire this weekend, but upon waking up Saturday morning, discovered that it was already nearly ninety degrees at eight in the morning. Which prompted us both to say “Eff that, I’m not putting on a velvet bodice in this weather–I’m going back to bed.” After a nice lie-in, we busied ourselves making candles and soap and watching movies. (For those playing along at home, we watched Strictly Ballroom, Mean Girls (which is one of my new favorites), The Specials, and after she left, I cozied up with my brand-spanking-new copy of The Pirate Movie, which I found completely by accident at Best Buy and absolutely had to have. (It goes along with the rest of my “Movies they played a lot on HBO when I was a kid” collection, which includes Strange Brew, Midight Madness, and Hysterical.)

Last night was Night of the Thunderstorms here in Northern Jersey, and I spent a good hour on my balcony, enjoying the rain. (THe power did go out for about half an hour, but I also have lots of candles.) Of course, the heat didn’t quite break so it was still too hot to sleep and thunderstorms tend to keep me awake because I love them so much … I’m very, very tired. sigh

This would have been a lot more disturbing had you hailed from Missouri.


No, it doesn’t.

We sponge painted our bathroom a pastel green over white (We were limited at the time to pastel green, blue or pink - Japan wasn’t big on interior decoration at the time) and it looked like the worst case of mould you have ever seen.

Still, it looked better than the real, black mould that had lived there before…

I am back, by the way! We have just had a month in England so we are all massively jet lagged. The two Hokkaido Brats are jet lagged in different ways, which makes my sleep rather bitty. Grrr.

The month in between the long, long plane flights was wonderful. We saw a lot of rellies, camped, found FOSSILS by the bucket load (literally) and recharged the batteries.

I am currently getting used to being back in my little cage and having to do everything the Japanese way, sigh. The first week back is always horrible. Next shock will be the credit card bill.

But anyway, never sponge paint your bathroom green.

It’s a relief to be done, isn’t it?

Not that I’d know, since our bathroom renovation has been stuck in a holding pattern since April. Now that you have some free time (heh) howzabout coming out here and giving me a hand?

I could use a new bathroom, honestly. At least it’s better than the old one in the previous apartment, where you could literally sit on the toilet and do your business and brush your teeth in the sink all at the same time. I kid you not, I am 5’5" and I could have done it, had I wanted to.

In other news: we went to the Renaissance Faire! Copied from an e-mail to my friend:

We got up at 7:00 on Saturday morning. (We like to get up early and do these things so we can come back early). We took our time, and left the house at 8:15, filled up the car ($20!) and got coffee. Then got on our way.
I was in my costume except for my veil - didn’t want to drive 100 miles with that on.

Got there right at 10:30. Put my veil on, paid to get in, and immediately started having fun. The way this works is there’s shows almost all the time, and you can just walk around and usually catch one, or do something else. Right away there was a knife-throwing/comedy show, and we sat down to watch that.
After that we went through the shops a bit, and did a bit of archery. We watched the Birds of Prey show and then watched the live chess game, between the Sherrif of Nottingham and Robin Hood & his Merry Men. The Sherriff cheated outrageously, so we booed him and made fun of him, and of course cheered madly for Robin. Even Maid Marion fought, she’s no slouch. Little John was really cute.

This ended at 12:30 and the jousting was at 1, so we wandered until 1, we watched the jousting and it was a great deal of fun. The best jouster was on the Sherrif’s side, so their team won, but the other side had a very handsome knight who was quite good at the lists. Also, Maid Marion was on the “good” side.

After the jousting, we watched a silent show, then I bought an anklet. We had some Steak on a Stake & I had a pickle (they sell these huge, fat pickles which I love).

We finally staggered out of there at 4 PM, which makes for 5 1/2 hours of fun in the sweltering heat. It was 95 degrees and 77 % humidity, probably one of the hottest days of the year around here. Oof. We were simply pouring sweat; luckily we’d brought plenty of water this time so no heatstroke. (Last year we hadn’t brought enough and stayed 7 hours).

I wanna go again.

We also got to throw axes and even tried some games of skill.

**KeithT **helped his parents redo a bathroom at their house over the last six months (it’s only a 1/2 bath so not having it in use for 6 months wasn’t really as much of a problem as it otherwise could have been). I saw it when I was out there for the 4th of July, and it looks really nice. That’s the extent of my knowledge of bathroom redoing. I don’t go in for that sort of thing. I can pick out shower curtains and floor mats, but when it comes to patching holes in the wall and painting over them and installing towel racks… well, my expertise just runs out. As does my interest.

I was in Boston for the weekend. Lotsa fun. Didn’t really do anything/see anything exciting but I spent lots of time with two different friends and enjoyed talking to them a lot. Friend 1, whom we’ll call Dave (since that’s his name), and I went to the Barking Crab for lunch. Good place. Lotsa yummy seafood. I had crab cakes. I LOVE crab cakes. So even if the rest of the day had been a wash, it’d still have been a good day.

Anyway, after that we considered going to the aquarium, but the line was LOOOOONG so we just wandered around instead. But it was like 95 with lots and lots of humidity so that was really uncomfortable so we went to the Frog Pond - a wading pool - in Boston Commons and put our feet in the pool and just sat and talked.

Then I met up with Friend 2, herein referred to as Margaret ('cause that’s her name), and we had dinner and talked and talked and talked. She’s an only child like me so we have lots in common and lots to talk about.

Then on Sunday I did my annual pilgrimage to the Wrentham outlets. They’re better outlets - more stores and more of the stores I like - than any that are closer to me. So I go crazy there and spend, on average, $100/hour that I’m there (so I try not to stay for too many hours!). But I get lots of good deals and come home very happy and all spiffy in new clothes. So a very good weekend.

And I was feeling very contented about life until I got in and our coffee machine was broken AGAIN. This is the third one that’s gotten broken in 3 months. Leaving this office without coffee is just asking for a cranky workforce. I can survive without coffee, but other people get very grumpy and then I might perhaps start wishing that *they *won’t survive.

Yes. Yes I did.

But since it’s all in a 10 x 10 room, I had to stack the double vanity. That way it doesn’t take up so much wall space. The Little Woman has to get out the stepladder to wash her face now.

Following that theme, the shower looks vaguely Escher-esque. The shower on the right is in the normal configuration, but the one on the left is inverted. The shower head comes out of the wall by your feet and the controlls are up by your head. (Again, that’s the Little Woman’s side.)

I have the new bidet bolted to the wall.

I’ll be right over Ex. I’m a dab hand at the mudding now. You got a hole in your wall and I’m the guy to have on your side. Unless you’re inside the wall looking at the damage, then I’m on the other side. Because I really don’t want to mud myself up inside a wall. That wouldn’t be cool, man.

Unfortunately, the last month and a half has been nothing but the weather you experienced on Saturday.

If I’d known you were going this weekend, I wouldn’t have skipped it–we could have complained about the heat together and drunk mead and exchanged lewd comments with the pickle vendors (who all seem to be sixteen-year-old boys who are way too cute for their own good and shouldn’t be saying such things to women nearly twice their age).

Ah, well–there’s always next year. :slight_smile: And I think this year’s Little John might be last year’s Sheriff–hoo, that man is fun to look at.

Rue, that sounds like a normal bathroom renovation - both the times I’ve done it we ended up with bits not fitting properly and last minute changes (“No, I’ve decided it should go over there after all”).

A little something just for Swampbear and friend. :smiley:

Hehe, my bathroom already is a showcase. Orange ceiling, yellow walls, and hotrod flames on my toilet!

Rue, I’ll bet you are very glad you are almost done with “The Project”. I know I would be.

Could it be?! Was that our friend Exgineer who dropped in? Long time no see ol’ pal! We missed you!

We spent Saturday playing on the boat, but decided not to go boating yesterday. It was very hot yesterday, but since we both had to head to work today we figured it would be nice to stay home and take it easy. We did end up going out to dinner and then a movie.

Well, I need to face the hell that is in my e-mail inbox now. Wish me luck.

**Hokkaido **and **Ex **good to see you both again! Welcome back.

Ooo! We should meet there sometime, I’m game. It’d be fun to go with a female.

I have a big crush on Little John right now…he is cute.

That is somewhat funny. I just don’t see why it’s a little something just for swampbear and friend.

Boy, it’s too bad you’re almost done. I’d offer my help, but it seems you don’t need it right now.

My bathroom, it is a temple. A toilet seat riser will have that effect on a room.

Boy oh boy, if I didn’t like the mirror or the frame, I’d just move. It’s easier that way.

Did I make it to the top 20? Better post this toot sweet (no time for French spell check).