Hi Opal! (WTF?)

I’m sure I’m probably overlooking something obvious here, but what is the deal with people saying Hi to Opal when they have a list?

This thread would have been better served in MPSIMS, seeing as how it is about poster’s habits and not really ATMB.

Sorry Arnold, and move it if you so desire.

Usually “Hi, Opal” will be item #3.
It goes back to the old AOL board when Opal brought up that two items don’t make a list. From that moment on users made sure their lists had three items.

This is quickly turning into a one man show. And not a very entertaining one, either.

Didn’t Arnold Winklereid used to be the mod in this forum?

Thanks, Doug Bowe.

Me? moderator here? (blushing prettily) Thank you for the compliment mouthbreather. When you move your eyes to the top of the forum list, make sure that your eyes travel in a straight horizontal line when they slide across to the moderator name.

I’m sure you know that when people say “Opal” they mean the famous OpalCat.

Arnold? So what am I, chopped liver?

your humble TubaDiva

Yes, back on the AOL board I used to do things like:

  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. nothing, I just don’t like lists with only 2 items

People picked up on this and started just referencing me in the 3rd item as a way of padding out their list to 3. Then it just got silly and even if a list wass 100 items long, #3 was sort of “mine”

Well, close… chopped Spam.

Arnold Winkelried (note the correct spelling this time:D), For some reason I though you were the Mod here. I apologized to you for wrong placement of this thread. Afterwards, I did actually let my eyes travel in a straight horizontal line and they slid across to the moderator name. And I saw it wasn’t you.

Sorry, Tuba. No disrescpect intended. Ya chopped liver freak! :wink:

slowly now,


Jesus mouthbreather, you’re havin’ a pretty rough twenty-four hours if this thread is any indication. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

Yer right, UncleBeer, I probably will not include this thread when it comes time for me to create my SDMB resume.

I humbly request that this thread be locked, since my OP has been answered.

Let it sink, and let us never speak of it again.

In order to let it sink, I shall now move it to the top. And lock it :wink: