Hi Opal!


  1. I like it.

  2. It’s cheerful.

  3. Hi Opal!

Don’t mind it when it’s done properly.

I don’t mind it when done correctly.

When done wrong, it is indeed wretched.

A while back I was gonna do a thread called “Doper Jokes” in which traditional jokes were given a doper twist. But the only one I could think of to prime the pump was:

How many Dopers does it take to change a light bulb?


  1. One to hold the ladder.
  2. One to screw in the bulb.
  3. One to say Hi to Opal.

As you can see, I foud this so inspiring, I never started the thread.

  1. Never used it.
  2. Never will.

Darwin’s Finch, you bastard!! :smiley:

Hi Opal can lick my… oh wait that doesn’t sound right.

The mere fact that it is so hated gives it a certain cachet.

No one liked mine in this thread:



Heartily concur with Uncle. Please let it die.

  1. Started to use it a few times, but saw how ridiculous it looked.
  2. Didn’t go there.
  1. Was funny a couple times to the few people who happened read the thread were she complained about lists.
  2. And that’s fucking it.

For some reason this reminds me of an exchange on the message board of a site that was blatantly stealing content from SDMB:

sorry- it got cut off. it continued:

Now you know the real meaning behind “Hi, Opal”. Please refrain from using it lest you give aid and comfort to our enemies.

Once again I will champion the cause of “Axe-wielding baboon on the loose” for random insertion into lists.

(Or maybe it’s just the DayQuil talking)

I use “Hi, Opal!” but not by itself.

  1. Ugh let it die already.
  2. Please


For some reason, I found it hilarious until its origins were explained to me.

I never used it myself, though.