Hi there, I'm in NYC

Spending the night on 81st St for tomorrow’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
(Watch me on your local NBC affiliate.)

Tonight, in Hoboken you’d traditionally get a light head. The snow makes that hard to visit though.

Tomorrow, for those who make it through the Icecapades with their Escalades, you’ll be head and shoulders above the rest (…Still, no swinging off light-poles, no matter how good a time you’ve had…).

Me? I rarely cross the Hudson unless I have to. So, have a good time and be good. Be very, very good…

Thank you for exposing the prankster!

Ooh! Is this an “Ask the balloon” thread?
Is it hard to maintain that pose all night, and all through the parade? Or do you actually move, just hoping people don’t notice?

At the last Super hero’s pot luck dinner I got some pointers from Flash; I scratched my nose, just so fast you didn’t notice I moved.