Hiccup Cures

The holding-the-ear-closed-while-drinking-water thing works for me, but only if I take very, very small sips.

As for others’ hiccups:

9 times out of 10, saying “I’ll give you $5 if you hiccup again,” is an insta-cure. Once in a while, though, it’ll cost you $5. When that happens I teach the hiccup-er about the ear/water trick, which invariably works, and then charge them (my) five bucks.

Am I weird? I quite enjoy hiccups and never try to stop them.

I don’t remember where I read this, but it’s worked for me:

Take two ice cubes and rub them up and down on your throat (outside) on either side of your adam’s apple (or where it would be if, like me, you’re a woman).

My co-worker has an eerie hiccup curing power. All she has to say is, “Look me in the eyes and hiccup.”

It’s never failed.

I think she’s a witch.

Depends on your hiccups.

I get “chest hiccups”. They feel really “deep” and hurt with a stabbing pain as if something is tearing. They hurt more and more the longer they last. Ever swallow a really big ice cube by accident and it hurt like hell all they way down? Sort of like that kind of pain and acid reflux mixed together.

If my hiccups aren’t stopped in a short period of time it leads to spasms in my esophagus that can drop me to my knees from the pain. This happened once when a friend of mine and I left a smokey bar. It scared the hell out o him because I dropped to my knees clutching my chest, and he thought I was having a heart attack.

If that’s what your hiccups are like too, then yes, you’re weird.

I’m a mixture of Cunctator an dangermom. With index fingers in lugholes drink a big glass of water in one go from the wrong side of the glass.

I’ll have to try that, it sounds similar to something I have tried on friends a few times. Face the afflicted person and gently hold each other’s hands. Stare into each other’s eyes without speaking or blinking. Worked great the first time I tried this. Usually though the other person will start laughing or look away or not remain silent, so this requires a very willing subject. I’m not sure if the hand holding is really necessary, but since I have only tried this with members of the opposite sex I always include it. :slight_smile:

Na. I have the friendly kind of hiccups, I might noe be too weird.

Yours sound horrid and you have my sympathy.

I was actually taught in school how to stop hiccups, in an AP Biology class.
The reasoning went as such:
hiccups require expenditure of energy. If you eat about a spoonful of sugar, glycolysis (the breakdown of glucose, a component of table sugar), which also requires energy, will commence, and will take the energy from the most readily available source, presumably the energy driving your hiccups.

Works for me every time. :cool:

My cure is similiar to Dangermoms. I use my thumbs to squeeze my nose shut, plug my ears with my index fingers, (I have long fingers) but instead of struggling to hold onto a glass of water while doing all this I simply put a straw in the glass, set it on the table, bend over it, and drink. Voila. Works every time.

Here’s one that worked on my Dad, who (poor guy) was having the deep kind that hurt, and nothing else was working…

Dad is sitting at the table, with me, my Mom, and my Sister trying to figure out how to finally stop those hiccups.

Mom: “Every female at this table is pregnant.”
Dad’s face: :eek:

Sister: “Including the cat.”
Dad’s face: :confused: :dubious: :smack:

But he stopped hiccuping.

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irishfella is the only one who can stop mine.
It’s a breath holding thing, combined with concentrating very hard.
I hold my breath until he says to breath, then inhale very quickly.
It works, but only when he’s there to tell me when to inhale.

I don’t bother to try to “cure” my hiccups.

They go away after a little while.

Ummm… [looking at Lobsang’s post count]… I didn’t expect someone with over six thousand posts to be asking what that meant, for sure.

Take a look at the item number of that list item, and see if that gives you a hint.

When my friends are being troubled with the hiccups I wait for them to get one out and then I start yelling, “Hiccup again! Hiccup again!! Right now! Do it do it! Hiccup again!!! Hiccup again!!!” They usually end up standing there, hiccup free, looking at me like I am insane.

When I was in grade 8 I had the hurty hiccups all day long at school. This boy in one of my classes told me to think about canning peaches. I know, its the most insane thing- but it worked.

Yes, see, it depends on your hiccups. There’s a pretty broad specturm.

The friendly kind, like when you hear little babies going “hic… hic…” are not big deal, but some folks get “chest hiccups” which feel “deeper” somehow and seem a bit more violent – probably just a more pronounced muscle contraction.

Instead of a diaphragm twitch it’s more like a clench.

Hurts after a short while. Honestly, the only time I ever felt anything similar was when I accidentally swallowed a big ice cube as a kid.

I hate 'em.

I have giant echoing Alf-type hiccups. They’re funny sounding, and giggling just makes them louder and funnier.

The only thing that works for me (besides tickling… which is almost worse) is taking a deeeeeep breath (so deep it hurts) holding it as long as I can and blowing it ALL out until I wheeze. Stretching the diaphragm, essentially. If I cough in the middle of that, I have to start over.

Ardred hiccups once, concentrates, hiccups again and they’re gone. I hate that.


Depending upon how strong they are what works best.

Some of the things I try are:

  1. Holding my breath and swallowing 3 times
  2. Drinking upside down
  3. Vinegar - 1 teaspoon

Number 3 has always worked. Summat my granny did for us kids when we were ickle. Of course, drinking vinegar like this gets one prepared for other shenanigans such as seeing who can drink the most pickle juice before puking kind of thing…

But yes, vinegar works for me the best.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t catch the reference either… until I read your post and scrolled back. :slight_smile:

Astrogirl is prone to getting hiccups that last a long time, and I can often cure them by terrorizing her (which she hates! But the hiccups are gone…). What you need to pull this off is:

  1. An easily frightened mate.
  2. An appearance like mine (think of the offspring of a weird union of Shaquille O’Neil [overall size], Charles Manson [off-kilter look in the eyes], and John Candy [girth and comedic lack of forethought into any consequences]).
  3. A willingness to wait until your spouse is totally absorbed in her hiccuping misery, then suddenly shreik like a banshee and run across the room towards her as if suddenly consumed with the overpowering urge to hack her into tiny, bite-sized bits.

Usually works.

But after reading this thread, I’m gonna try some of the other suggestions next time! :smiley: