Hiccup Cures

Everybody’s got one.

My favorite is from James Thurber who recommended that you should “twist your little finger and say Garbo backwards.”

What’s yours?

teaspoon of honey or sugar.

sucking on a slice of lemon always worked for me.

Pinching a spot just below my left shoulder blade. Supposedly (and I’m sure Qadgop will be happy to debunk this) the nerve that is involved in hiccuping runs around there, and if you pinch it, it interrupts the hiccups.

It generally works for me, but that could just be the placebo effect, I suppose.

Hold your breath.

Not very wacky I know, but it works for me.

You need someone to help for this but a good fright often works for me.

Drinking a glass of water from the opposite side of the glass.

Drinking a glass of water while holding the handle of a fork clenched in your teeth as far back as you can.

Standing on one leg in a football field, with an orange wig on, head tilted sideways with an egg in the ear, golf club in the mouth, stereo playing the national anthem, and a duck in your pocket.

This works for me, but only if I:[ol]
[li]Fill my lungs as much as possible,[/li][li]Press hard with my diaphragm to keep it tensed,[/li][li]Hold this lungful of air as long as possible, and (props to ‘OC’)[/li][li]Can let it all out in one long exhale without hicupping again.[/li][/ol]

Huh? I just started a thread about the OC (show). what do you mean*?

[sub]*This is going to be one of those worryingly frequent moments where I make myself look stupid by missing the joke or asking a dumb question[/sub]

Who knows. I can make a nasty headache go away by pinching the web of skin in my hadn between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal, but I have to pinch it so hard it hurts as bad as the headache, and when I stop the headache comes back. So there may be something to what you say.

If it works for you, go for it.

Getting a big spoon of sugar, and sucking on it till it dissolves. Only be sure not to hiccup, while the pile of sugar is in your mouth. I did that once, and sugar went EVERYWHERE! Another way is to hold your breath for 10 seconds, and take a drink.

I breathe heavily into a bag a few times and they usually go away for me. Plastic works if paper isn’t available

Here’s Cecil’s column about hiccups.

No traditional methods work for me. But whatever it is, it’s related so some kind of nerve in my neck or throat. I just lie on my back and they go away within two minutes. If I can’t lie down, I can tip my head back and massage my neck.

I had a wicked case of the hiccups once. Had to lie on my back and use my Shiatsu machine (invented by Og, himself) to massage my neck.

Cunctator’s drinking a glass of water from the opposite side of the glass is the cure that I use most often. I’ve also drunk water from a glass through a (clean) handkerchief or t-shirt pulled over the top.

My personal favorite involves my hands on assistance. The hiccup sufferer (preferrably tall, tan female, blond hair, buxom blue eyes) will drink as much water from a pint glass (readily available at any hiccup inducing location) as I seal her ears by pressing the little flap closed over her ear canals. Gratitude ensues, and breakfast is delicious. :cool:

Once when I was desperate I tried this and it seemed to work well. I’ve tried it subsequent times with success too.

I cure other people’s hiccups all the time, if they trust me.

I tell them the following.

Close your eyes.

If you hiccup while we are doing this, don’t worry; just keep doing what I say.

Sit up very straight.

Extend your head and neck upward as far as you can comfortably.

Let the muscles in your face relax, and your jaw drop down.

Now let your neck muscles relax as well, and feel the tension in your throat reducing.

Now let your shoulders drop, and relax your chest muscles.

Start again, at your forehead, and relax, and let that relaxation drift down to your mouth, your neck, your shoulders, and your chest.

You will feel a constriction in your throat. Let yourself think about swallowing, and the tight place will slowly move downward.

When it gets below your heart, your hiccups will be over.

For people who trust me, it works very reliably.


Does it matter what national anthem it is? And is that an American football field or a soccer field?
I wanna make sure I do it right.

The only thing that works for me is simultaneously plugging my ears and nose, and drinking a glass of water. This is accomplished by using my thumbs for my ears and index fingers for the nose, while holding the glass precariously with the other fingers. It looks very silly and works every time.

My hiccups are so severe and weird-sounding that DangerDad thought I was faking when he first heard it. They are also quite painful–and not in the least ladylike. :o