Hey ya’ll… as you can all see this is not only my first thread, but my very first post. I’m just putting this as a way of intoducing myself to the board. i’ve actually been reading the forums for years now, but never had actually registered as a member untill yesterday. So hello everyone, and i hope to be posting and be a part of this from now on.
A little about me, i’m ClairificC. I go to school. I’m studing in biology, hoping to advance into the health science’s sometime soon. I work part time at an Ice Cream parlor, whcih actually is a lot of fun. I’ve been with my SO for 4 years (as of last week :smiley: ) I’m a ballet dancer, but thinking about ditching that for my other passion which is east coast swing. I love most music excluding country and polka. I think thats about it… any quesions about me?? I’d be glad to answer.

Welcome, ClairificC


Yeah, thanks for coming out of the woodwork, CC (extra points for a smilie in your first thread).

You don’t list a location in your User ID. Care to share?

Mmmm…East Coast Swing…

Always nice to see another swing dancer around here! Welcome!

I live in the San fransisco area of California, about 1 hr north of the Golden Gate. Any others?

Welcome. Welcome.

Just moved from that way (further north though) - CA/Oregon border way.

Been quite interesting around here lately. Enjoy yourself.