Do you Swing?

or Salsa/Mambo, or Tango, or West Coast Swing… It can be an addiction.:eek:
I started as an occaisional dancer. Took ballroom, and could pretty much take it or leave it. A student club started at my med school, and pretty soon I was dancing at every week. Then dancing at the club classes and going out every week. I dabble in latin dances and ballroom, but I got caught in the swing craze as it swept NYC. Though I always thought I could stop whenever I wanted, it wasn’t long before it was getting in the way with school and altered my social life. When I wasn’t swinging, I was planning my next swing, looking for people and places to get my swing. I even pushed people I know into learning and got them hooked…

…I’ve managed to cut back, but I still feel the craving. (You never loose that.) I still relapse sometimes. I guess it’ll always be a part of me.

So… do you Swing?:cool:

I love to swing, though I’m best at the basic swing, a.k.a. Lindy Hop. Country waltz and two-step are great fun too, but there is nothing like the swing, and it’s what I’m best at.

I don’t, but my dad and his wife do. No real flipping each other around jitterbug-style, but man, those two can dance! They’ve taught me a little, and it really is fun! And it’s WAY fun to watch others who really, really know what they’re doing.

My name is aviddiva, and I’m a… a sw–… I’m a swing dancer.

Man, that was tough. But you know what? I feel better, like a giant burden has been lifted.

Yes, it’s an addiction. I dance 4 or 5 nights every week (Lindy Hop).
And I’m currently counting down the hours until I get on the dance floor tonight.

:: sigh ::

I used to swing–I especially loved to Lindy Hop (Savoy Style). Unfortunately, I have a lifestyle and boyfriend that keeps me out of the loop. I’m in school, and will be working the night shift soon, which cuts into valuable dance time. The boyfriend… well, that’s a whole other story. We used to go to lessons two to three times a week, but he could just never get it. We’d go out dancing, and expected me to dance only with him–he’d throw a pout if I expressed any interest in dancing with someone else. So, we stopped going. (He’s a great guy otherwise, it was a worthwhile sacrifice)

I miss dancing, though. It’s been over a year since I’ve been :frowning:

Only naked from tires strung from spreading oak trees.

Oh, and with wood nymphs, too.

On playground swings, sure!

Best done while listening to “Free Fallin’”

I love to swing! Of course, I have absolutely no talent, but I still enjoy it. Seriously, there’s nothing more exhilerating than dancing. You can’t swing dance (or even fake swing dancing) and not be happy. I could go on for hours and hours about how much I adore swing dancing, but I won’t, 'cause it’ll bore y’all to death. :slight_smile:

On a related note, has anyone read “Swingin’ at the Savoy: The Memoir of a Jazz Dancer” by Norma Miller? Is it worth buying?

Funny, I thought this was a thread for polyamorous people…

(Not that I’m one, of course, and sorry, guys, Anniz isn’t either.)

Darn it all! I was thinking the same as you Montfort!
Well, great minds do think alike. :smiley:

And don’t swing that way, but I have always wanted to learn. I can’t get anybody to take lessons with me, and we just had a bar go to all swing dance music.

Oh, and back to Montfort, if you guys ever change your mind… :wink: Sorry, couldn’t resist!

…that the first image that came to mind for me was Sue Duhnym’s turkey precariously balanced on a swing…?