Is there any form of dance that's more fun and energetic than swing (Lindy Hop, specifically)?

I was watching some videos of Swing Dancing competitions the other day on a friend’s recommendation, and although I know the dancing is rigorous and demands a certain level of athleticism, it just looks so fun. I learned a few of the really simple moves a while ago, but now I’m thinking of looking into lessons. Anyone here like to swing (dance, that is)?

Wow, NO swing dancers at all?

Sorry, I’m more into moshing and krumping, both excellently physically demanding forms of dance.

we are all out dancing!

There are all levels of swingdance arobically. The Peabody (if I am remembering the right name) is the most energetic of all of the swing era dances that I know of.

I think salsa and other latin dances are as energetic but to me not nearlly as much fun. Nothing beats a good swing out except maybe a well connected blues dance.

where are you located Cockoorex?

hmm went to look at the video you are watching. Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, that is the best of the best. At least two of the performers are professional dancers/ teachers. Freida Segerhahl is part of the Swedish dance troupe, the Harlem Hotshots, ( some of the guys in the troupe won Amatuer night at the Apollo several years ago. The are instrumental in running the Harrang dance camp every summer. Max Pitzruella is also a professional dance teacher. Thaere are probably others but those two I have taken classes from.

I was at ULHS in New Orleans last yeat and it was amazing however, 99% of swing dancers don’t dance at that level or anywhere near that speed. Air steps (lifts and throws) are rarley done in social settings mainly in performances or jam circles speficially set up for air steps.

One of the heros of swing was still dancing until a few weeks before his 95th birthday. He always said as long as he could walk, he could dance and when he couldn’t walk anymore he would dance in his chair. He taught a worksop sitting in a chair just a few weeks before he died last year. My point being that there are all levels arobically.

Wow, that’s a great story, reminds me of my Grandma who is 94 and bowled a 294 last year…I can only hope I have half of that energy!

I’m in Rochester, Minnesota. I actually have a few friends who are/were dance instructors, so I’m hoping I can work a deal with them to trade art for dance lessons or something like that. There are some swing dance lessons on youtube but nothing can replace actually doing the dance steps with a partner, I think.

Lindy hopper here. It’s not something that people can pick up in just an hour or so – at least, not well. Once you do learn it though, it’s tremendously fun. Much more enjoyable than your typical “just-shake-it-around-and-do-whatever” kind of party dancing.

I’ve always thought that shake-it-around dancing was kinda dumb and unsatisfying, with very few exceptions. I felt that way long before I got into swing. Swing dancing – and in particular, lindy hopping – opened up brand new avenues for me, and it improved my social life tremendously.

Frankie Manning!

Look for a local club. Just about every one I have heard of offers lessons the first portion of their meetings/scheduled dances. Or someplace like this (very close to my home), which regularly offers swing dances, many with live bands.

My swing skills are very basic, from ballroom dance classes a couple of decades ago. My eldest took it up in a big way while in college. My recollection is that she did not begin to Lindy until she had swung for a year or more. And she regularly travels to dance with clubs in nearby cities. My son in college enjoys it as well.

Not only a ton of fun, but way cool music as well.