Remember when swing dancing was a thing?

I’m pretty well lit up this evening, stumbling through YouTube and ran across this video. There may be people better at this but I thought they were pretty good.

I like to see swing dancing. Can’t do it. But I do like it.
It may be because my Daddy turned up big band music real loud when he made us all do house chores on Sat. mornings.

My city has a big festival every summer with all kinds of musical entertainment. Once there was a band playing rock favorites and there was a song that apparently lent itself to swing dancing. A couple on the dance floor started doing all kinds of swing moves to the point where everyone else cleared the floor and let them go at it. It was amazing. They got a huge ovation, took a bow and that was it. As someone with zero dance ability I was absolutely gobsmacked.

As someone with zero dance ability this is some amazing stuff,

Will you remember this in the morning?
I am enjoying your enjoyment of swing dancing, from afar.

My ex-wife always wanted us to learn it, but things always got in the way, and we never did.

But I can still enjoy the music!

Yes, because I’ve saved it to my music favorites and will likely stumble over it again.

Maybe you should go to a class, you might be good at it.

That’s a good idea. It will not ever happen.

1943 Style.

Even older.

It can’t be too hard, my Daddy danced up until his death at 86. Always to big band music. He wasn’t doing flips and lifts with his partners, of course. But he went at least twice a week for years.

It boggles my mind how people do that.

That really is wild. Practice, practice, practice.

Apparently it makes men prone to sexual assault. Or at least that guy.

Huh. The middle of May. I might just go there this year. :o

A friend of ours has a jump blues band. My gf can swing dance, and she has taught me to do the bare minimum necessary to dance with her. I’ll dance a few songs with her, until a “real” dance partner approaches and asks her to dance. Then I watch, which is far more fun.

ETA: she has also taught me to dance to Cajun and zydeco music, which is way more doable for me. A Cajun waltz is just my speed!

My Wife’s father was a very good dancer. For the father daughter dance at our wedding, they danced to Glenn Millers ‘In the Mood’

This is not them of course, my FIL was getting on in years

But it was great.

One of my former debaters.

Many years ago I went to a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert. Lots of guys in Zoot Suits and girls in pin up style dresses. Plenty of people swing dancing, or at least doing the best they could in a general admission style concert. It was a ton of fun to watch, the music was great and every few minutes you’d see a girls feet kicking way up in the air.