High Fructose Corn Syrup

I just did a search for high fructose corn syrup and got several threads that matched, read some interesting things, but from the looks of it, none of them have the answer to this great question.

Does high fructose corn syrup have any cousins with names like low fructose corn syrup or generic fructose corn syrup?

I became curious the other night at work while downing another liter of Dr. Pepper.


Looks to me like there’s “syrup” and there’s “corn syrup” and there’s “high fructose corn syrup” and that’s it.

Thanks Duck,

I guess the really big question is how much therapy the syrup and corn syrup have to have since the high fructose corn syrup gets all the attention these days.



HFCS is corn syrup that is higher in fructose than regular corn syrup. Fructose is “fruit sugar”, and a very simple one at that. (Simple has nothing to do with ignorance; it has to do with how far it has to be broken down before it becomes glucose.) It’s not going to hurt you, I promise.


Everything you always wantd to know about high fructose corn syrup but were afraid to ask. http://www.mcp.net/products/hfcs.html

It has very little flavor. The different percentages of fructose in the different corn syrups make them have different qualities, such as browning or sweetening, in baked goods and soft drinks. Plus, it’s cheaper than sucrose because you can make it out of corn starch. So, it’s a powerful sweetener, it has no flavor, and it’s cheap. No wonder it’s a star. :smiley: