High School Colors

Okay, this is stupid, but I was still wondering. What were your high school colors? The reason I bring this up is that I am wearing an old school shirt that was used for a fundraising that we would do every year. I loved my school.

My high school colors were red and gold.

I so hope that I put this in the right forum.

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Jr. high colors - red/white
High School colors - red/gold
University colors - maroon/gold

Very interesting. I had to share that. Just something for me to think about.[/sub]

OK, but only because I happen to be wearing my h.s. colors today!

elementary: blue & white
middle: red & gold
high: blue & gold (still one of my all-time favorite color combinations)
undergrad: purple & white (FU one time!)
grad: who the hell knows?

Let me preface this by saying I moved around a few times, so sometimes the colors changed mid-year.
Elementary: Red/white, hell if I can remember
Junior High: Blue/gold, red/black
High school: Red/black
College: Red/white until I got kicked out (About 3 weeks into my first year)

Elementary: blue & white
Middle: blue & gray
High: blue, gray, & white

My senior year of high school starts tomorrow.

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Elementary :Blue and White
Junior High :Yellow and Brown
High School : Red, White and Black
University: Red and Black

High School:black and white

Elementary – Red/White
Junior – Red/White/Blue
High – Red/Gray
College – Red/White/Light Blue
Grad – Who knows? Probably Yellow/Green

Elementary: Yellow/blue
Secondary School: White/red
University: Probably Orange/blue

My high school colors were red and white. Those colors sort of ended up following me around, as my wife’s high school colors were red and gray, and my fraternity colors were “cardinal and stone,” or red and gray.

My college colors were yellow and black.

Grade school – royal blue and gold

High school – cardinal and grey (we are the fightin’ Sequoits!)

College – blue and orange (which is a horrible combination unless you’re the Chicago Bears, and even then it’s questionable)

Elementary: Blue and white
High School: Blue and white
Undergrad: Blue and Gold
Grad (1st attempt): Blue and Gold
Grad (let’s try this again): Red and White

My high school colors: gray and “Columbia blue”

My middle school colors: red and white

Elementary School: Blue & white
Junior High: Yellow & Orange (icky, icky, icky)
High School: Blue & White again
University: Blue & Yellow (well, at least it wasn’t white again)
Grad school: Maroon, Yellow, and White (less attractive than it might have been).

A guy in my neighborhood went to a high school whose colors were purple and gold. He was horribly embarrassed by them.

Elementary-green and gold
2nd elementary school-blue and white
high school-green and white
College-blue and white

Elementary: Blue and silver (grey, but they called it silver because it was in Nevada)
Middle Schoo: First two years it was purple and white. Then I moved and the school colors were red and white.
High School: Red and black/white

Elementary - blue & white
Jr high - can’t remember
High school - black & gold
College - black & gold

Elementary: Blue & White
Jr. High: Blue & White
High School: Blue & White
University: Blue & White

Go figure, they were all different schools, just an odd coincidence I suppose.


Allow me to say I am deeply, even profoundly impressed by those of you who can remember the colors of elementary schools and so forth. I didn’t even know elementary schools and middle schools had colors, and although I’m sure both the college and the university I attended had colors, I couldn’t tell you what they were under torture.

High school colors are the only ones I remember, and I remember them because they were so, so awful. Vomit orange (they had another name for it, but it was vomit orange, trust me), “gold” (they called it that, but it was really mustard yellow), and white. Worst part: we graduated in vomit orange gowns. I actually didn’t graduate - and, come to think of it, the colors might just have had something to do with that - but my sister did, from the same high school, and I remember it clearly: all these kids in vomit orange caps and gowns walking down long staircases into the auditorium. It looked like a massive vomit volcano.

Whoever chose those colors needed a swift kick where it would be most instructive. The vomit orange was reviled by the entire school; we had yearly petitions to change the colors (always met with disinterest by the admin). And with uniforms (cheerleaders, sports, etc.) you could tell which teams had the most status by who had the least vomit orange in the uniform. The freshman teams were simply coated in it, but the varsity teams had little tiny snippets in discreet locations.


Elementary school: Green/Gold
Junior High: Blue/Orange
High School: Brown/Gold
College: Blue/Gold

Why is everybody “Gold” and not “Yellow”?

Elementary: Blue and White
Middle school: didn’t have colors
High School: Officially “Scarlet and Gold” practically, red & yellow.
Undergrad: a very specific shade of maroon, and an equally specific shade of gray.
Grad: Purple & Gold