High School Colors

K-12: Red and Gray
College: Garnet and Gray
Graduate School: Blue and Gold (I think)
Place of employment: Green and Gold

High School: Red & White
College: Crimson & Cream
US Army Branch: Gold & Green

High School: Brown and maize. (The most hideous school colors I’ve ever seen.)
University: Blue and gold.

Jr High- Green and Gold

High School- Navy Blue, Red and White

Elementary school: Blue and Gold
Junior High: Red and White (Red Raiders)
High School: Blue and White (Blue Raiders. Hmm…)
College: Navy Blue and Gray (Go Rice!)
Grad School: Umm…Blue and Orange, apparently, but it’s not very obvious…

middle school: Purple and gold.
high school:Red and black (I love these colors. I really do.)
college: some variation of what amounts to purple and yellow. I think. (for all I show University stuff they could be navy and grey)

They started that “Grade School Pride” crap after I left, so we didn’t have colors or mascots. Thank god.

Jr High: Blue & White
High School: Blue & Gold. But Baby blue–argh. We were the “Bearcats” Women’s teams were sometimes “Lady Bearcats” but often “Bearkittens.” Arrrrgh.
Undergrad: Black & Gold “Wildcats”
Grad School: Maize & Blue “Wolverines”

Middle school: Blue and gold
High school: Blue and white
College: Maroon and, I suppose, white. I’m sure of the maroon but the white I’m guessing.

Oh yeah, in high school the mascot was the Headless Horseman (the legendary haunt of Sleepy Hollow - ya gotta admit that’s one kick-ass mascot!). Unfortunately, the team name was the Riders. So the women’s teams were the Lady Riders. Our rival schools made ribald jokes.

Now in college it’s the Bulldogs. This, of course, invites people to shout “WHO LET THE DAWGS OUT?!?!” all the time.

Elementary - ??? don’t think we had colors
Jr. High (7-9) - Maroon and Grey (“Warriors”)
High - Blue and Grey (“Robert E. Lee Generals”)
College #1 - Red and Grey(?) (“Panthers”)
College #2 - Blue and White (“Ospreys”) - altho’ it was a new university and didn’t have sports teams until after I left. While there we had an vote on the mascot name, “Armadillos” and “Manatees” were serious contenders. I’m still not sure if the selected Osprey actually won the vote.

I never graduated in cap and gown. HS did formal wear (long dresses for the girls, dinner jackets for the guys), and I finished college in an “off” quarter, so we got our diplomas at a reception.

Elementary school - your elementary schools had colors?
Jr. high/High school (one institution)- the only thing that the school colors were used for were the gym uniforms, and probably for the sports teams uniforms. We voted on new ones every three or four years. Seventh grade - pink and black; 8-11th grades - green and grey. (I left after that, but I believe they went with light blue and dark blue in what would have been my senior year.)
College #1 colors - Red and white.
College #2 colors - Light blue and dark blue.

Elementary and High School (went to a K-6 elementary and 7-12 high school) (the Buccaneers…fairly dopey pirate with a knife in his mouth): Maroon and Gold

University 1 (Bearcats): black and red
University 2 (Lions): blue and white
University 3 (Vulcans): back to black and red again!
(I swear…3rd time is a charm! ;))

I’ve always had blue and white as school colors, elementary school Aviators, junior high Dolphins, high school rebels.
My class colors however are baby blue and silver, we’re the white tigers, it’s a rather nice combination, better than '04’s blue and orange at least.


Red, gray, and blue. Purple and gold. Maroon and gold. Red, white, and gold. Silver and blue. Silver, black, and blue. And those are just the high schools I went to.

Thanks for checking in everyone. I don’t know why I had to ask this question but I did. And people actually answered! Yay for me!

I didn’t mention my school mascots, but I guess since everyone else is doing it I might as well.

Public Elementary #1 (Crismon) - Cougars
Public Elementary #2 (Jordan) - Jaguars
Parochial Elementary/Jr. High (Mt. Carmel) - Falcons
Parochial High School (Seton) - Sentinel - You know, a Roman soldier. Don’t know the significance, but who cared?
University (Arizona State) - Sparky the Sun Devil.

I just threw in the public/parochial thing because maybe the mascots would mean something if I did. It doesn’t to me, but I am clueless. I am guessing that many of the mascots were used because they had the first letter in common with the school name.

College colors were officially “Cardinal red and silver gray”, but were known among the student body as “Blood on concrete”.

Grade School: Green and White(I think)
HS: Black and Gold
College: Maize and Blue

Kindergarten through my high school senior year. My colors were (are)…

Green and White.

Since I’m actually going to be a high school senior when school starts, those are the only colors I have.

Technically, my high school colors where black and blue. See, my school as whole is red and white, but each class has their own colors. Now for mascots:

Elementary school: A tiger…if memory serves right his name was Jufi or something similar.

High school: We had none, but if you consider my high school was part of the university, then it was a rooster(for females it was a hen)

University: It will probably be a “gator”.

High school: Blue and gold
College: Red and white