High school in the Tigris/Euphrates river valley

I remember

Doing my homework in Cuneiform on a clay tablet.

Learning all the eye for an eye laws.

Hammurabi/Intern scandal.

Calling a genie a “djinn.”

Worshipping several gods/godesses during the summer solstice break.

Boasting that our high school was “The true cradle of civilazation.”

Santi, you goof, what’s that all about.
I am sooooooo confused.
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Very slick Lexicon, Well done.

Kinooning it up for 20 years and counting

You were/are a scribe?
Good work if you can get it!

I remember trying out for the ziggurat building team because they were the ones who dated all the cute girls. But no, I wasn’t part of the “in” crowd. All I could get was a second string position on the irrigation canal dredging team.

You know, those ziggurat guys were cute & all, but really nothing to them. I kinda liked the ditchdiggers. I always did have a thing for the boys from the wrong side of the Delta.

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[ul][li]“Hanging” in the Hanging Gardens[/li][li]Getting all excited when beer was invented (but then having to invent “fake IDs”)[/li][li]Taking my date out for a spin in the chariot[/li]Going into Ur on the weekends to party[/ul]

Oh, man, those were some parties! I remember the time we all got wasted and dared Hadrukkanabi to sneak into the Temple of Innanna. Well, he got caught! And for punishment, they castrated him! Oh, he was pretty pissed at us for a while, but it turned out to be his big break, since the King was hiring harem guards that year. Last I heard, he had worked his way up to Royal Astrologer, and he’s in the headlines of the local Daily Baked Mud Tablet every week. Ah, the memories…

Heck is where you go when you don’t believe in Gosh.

Mud, Mud, Mud.

Or was that Kansas?

“In my nightmares I am chased by algorithms”–crewman Celes, ST:V

I missed out on all the fun. I grew up in Ur of the Chaldees, and one day my great-uncle Abram just packed up the whole family because God told him to “Get thee up and go unto a land which I shall show thee.”
So, to make a long story short, I ended up going to Canaan Sr. High, where, being a Chaldean, I was treated as a total outcast. Never had any dates, couldn’t get onto the cheerleading squad, people always scotch-taping clay tablets to my back that said, “Kick me, I’m from Mesopotamia”…

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side.” — Han Solo