Highest Street Address, Part Two

Does anyone here know what is the highest street address in terms of altitude? I imagine it is some place in Nepal or the Andes. Or what is the most northern street address? Or the southern? Or the lowest (in terms of altitude)?

Well, I was going to say one of the Dead Sea hotels for “lowest altitude,” but apparently they don’t have street addresses…

Off to look for some Tiberias (~ -210 m) lake-shore addresses. BRB :slight_smile:

Gonna go with “1 Eliezer Kaplan Street, Tiberias” (which is the address of a lake-front hotel – not linking or naming so it doesn’t look like advertising!)

Not sure of the exact altitude, but it’s between -200 and -210 m (relative to Sea Level)

This is exactly the question I expected in the other post. there wouldn’t be a ‘hut 1, mount verest, Nepal’ would here?

Joking aside, if there are street adresses in Nepal, it 'll be probably there; I think the lowest point is around 3000m above sealevel.

Actually, the elevation of Kathmandu is only 1400 m. Not all of Nepal is THAT high:


La Paz, Bolivia is often considered the highest major city, at 3640 m.


The CIA World Fact Book puts the lowest point in Nepal at a paltry 70m.

Yeah I know, after posting I thought: “why not look it up”:smack: I’ll just go find a blackboard and write down: “Google first, post later.” a bunch of times.