Which Doper lives at the Highest Elevation?

Using a reliable source for the elevation of your city or town or county seat or whatever is near enough to your home to get a ballpark elevation figure for the area where you live, such as Wikipedia or some other easily accessible data source, if your elevation is higher than the previous high posted in this thread, then post the link to the evidence that yours is highest so far.

With any luck we can determine who is farthest from the center of the earth or closest to the moon (or whatever spot “out there” that you want to pick).

My number to beat: Elevation 597 ft (182 m)

Just posting the number isn’t enough. We need proof!

I know Duckster works pretty high, St. Helens’ summit among others, and enipla lives in Summit County, Co. and will probably be around 9500 to 10,000 feet.

I’m currently at sea level, so nowhere near in the running for highest elevation! But I used to live in Quito, Ecuador, which has an elevation of 2,850 m (9,350 ft) according to Wikipedia. Can I count that?

I live at 6,950 ft in Summit County UT, what do I win, other than a dry inside nose, a shortness of breath, and a snow shovel.

Howzabout a lifetime supply of sunblock?

It counts for some good trivia points, but this ought to be your current location, the place you used for your Census address.

If others have similar cool trivia to comment on, that’s okay as well.

I held out zero hope that Nashville would last anytime as Highest Elevation, but it was a way to start the ball rolling.

It could be fun to see some other thread(s) on other geographical features, just for something to play with.

I live in a space station at L5 of the Earth-Moon system.

I live at about 5 feet above sea level (at high tide) … so I guess I’m out.

We have a contender here!

(How’s it going, My Man?)

I seem to live at 37,000’. Does that count?

If that’s on the land, it does. Seems a bit high for that, though. Are you in the plane a lot?

Just for a lark, I thought I’d collect the elevations for the capitals of the SEC states. In ascending order:

LA Elevation 46 ft (14 m)
FL Elevation 203 ft (62 m)
AL Elevation 240 ft (73 m)
SC Elevation 292 ft (89 m)
AR Elevation 335 ft (102 m)
KY Elevation 509 ft (155 m)
TN Elevation 597 ft (182 m)
GA Elevation 738-1,050 ft (225-320 m)

The High Points of these states would make for some fun data gathering. Anyone?

I live Just below Hoosier pass. My house is at 11,200 feet. The other side of the valley is created by Mt’s Lincoln, and Bross. Two fourteeners. I work in Frisco, at 9600 feet. It’s snowing at the moment. :D.

This web cam must be quite close to my house, but I can’t quite figure out where it is.

I left out Mississippi! Sorry, folks. Bad proofing. See “<<<<<” above.

The one to beat! Alaska maybe? Canada? Other continents?

I knew enipla would beat me! Our house is at 9800 ft, according to the USGS topo (admittedly not the best scale), and I work in Telluride, at 8750 ft.

Buahaha…I will endeavor to post proof that I’m one of the lowest.
In the town where I work, the town’s flagpole top is at sea level.
But that’s still taking my word for it, so…

I will endeavor to take/post a picture of the sugar plant this weekend.
That should do it!

I live at a pedestrian 4500 feet, but I might have the record for range: I have active research sites on Mammoth Mountain (almost 11,000 feet) and Death Valley (-190 feet).

When I saw this thread I figured enipla was going to win. I am at a paltry 5800 feet in Blaine County, Idaho.

And it’s snowing here, too. Two inches my ass, this is going to be a big overnight dump if it keeps up like this. Spring? Oh, yes, we had a week or so of it.

ETA: I like snow. But by April I’ve had enough of it for awhile. Hence the complaints.

Definitely not Australia, considering the peak of Mt. Kosciuszko is only 7,310 feet.

As a courtesy to anyone who googled “highest dopers” and found themselves here, follow this link to get where you wanted. Sorry for the confusion, dude.