Highlighted text doesn't highlight on the sdmb

So, I have a weird web browser problem that I can’t figure out.

When I highlight text on the Straight Dope Message Boards, there’s no graphical indication that the text is selected. Everywhere else, I see the light blue background, but not on the SDMB.

The text is selected. I can copy it and (in input forms) drag it around.

Seems to apply to all text on all message board pages (but not other straightdope.com domains).

It is browser-specific (I’m using Chrome on OS X). It’s not due to any extensions (I tried in an incognito window and it still occurs). No other websites seem to be affected.

Started a few weeks ago maybe.

Anyone have an idea?

Relevant ATMB sticky note.

Thanks! Ok, I’ll request that this be closed.