Why can't I select text anymore?

In the past, when I composed a message, I could ‘select’ a word or two or more in the body of my post (then bold them, underline them, delete them, create a link, etc). I would do this putting my cursor next to the first word I wanted to highlight, then dragging it across to the last letter of the last word I wanted to highlight. Alternatively, I could use shift+option+arrow to accomplish the same thing. Or I could double click on a word, which would select it & if I kept clicking it would select multiple words, then the whole sentence, then the whole paragraph, etc.

But I can no longer do that. Nothing happens when I use any of the methods that used to work to highlight text. So if I want to delete a sentence (e.g.), I have to place my cursor at the end of that sentence, then hit the delete key until the sentence is all gone. I use a macbook pro, but I don’t think it’s my computer because I can still highlight text in outlook, word, on facebook, etc.

So if this even makes sense to anyone…why can I no longer highlight text when posting on the sdmb?

What browser are you using? This affects posters who are using Chrome. For whatever reason, the bug also only affects the SDMB Mobile theme (Sultantheme’s Responsive vB3-blue).

There are several fixes for this.

  1. Switching to the regular theme (Straightdope v3.7.3). The drop-down menu to select the theme is on the lower left side of the page.

  2. Use a different browser.

  3. Revert to an older version of Chrome.

There’s a sticky thread with this information in ATMB.


I have this problem with Chrome and Windows 10. But the text is still selected, you just can’t see the selection highlight. Annoying, I know.

Read the sticky at the top of the page; “Can’t highlight text in Chrome? Read this.

Try flushing your cache. That solved the issue here.

Thanks, everyone. I followed cochrane’s Fix #1 and it solved the problem. Weird thing is that I’ve been using Chrome for years & have never had this problem-- it just started happening within the past week. Not sure why, but I appreciate the solutions.


engineer_comp_geek’s advice, actually. I only copied it over from the sticky. I like to give credit where it is deserved.