Can't select a block of text on this site.

I browse and post to this site with Google Chrome, currently version 67.0.3396.87 Something has changed recently and I can’t select text with my mouse anymore. It’s worst when I’m trying to respond to a quoted post. I used to click on the beginning of a block of text, drag the cursor to the end (which would highlight the text), then cut, delete, or whatever. Now I can’t select text at all. When I click and drag, I sometimes get a ghost image of a small piece of text with a circle-slash. In fact, I can’t select any text, in an edit box, in the body of a thread, or anyplace else. I’ve tried a few other sites, and it seems to only happen here.

Has anybody else seen this, either here or anywhere else? I think it’s been less than a week that this has been happening; was there any change to the board software in that time? My computer has downloaded some updates, so that may have caused it, too.

I looked at the thread on technical issues, but didn’t see anything there that looked relevant.

There have been a few threads in this forum on this. It is a recent problem.
The quick answer is to go to the bottom right hand side of the page and switch to Straight Dope V.3.7.3.

That seems to have done the trick. Thanks.

I didn’t see any of the previous threads on this. How long has it been a problem?

Looking at just the last two weeks threads, the first one I see is dated 6/3.
Most of the the thread titles mention “Highlighting Problem”.

I could be wrong, but I think it was a Chrome update bug. Big T had some good info in one of the threads.

It’s not a problem with this message board, it’s a bug introduced in one of the latest updates to Chrome. If you are using another browser you won’t see a problem, and for some reason, the Chrome bug only affects the mobile skin (Sultantheme’s Responsive vB3-blue). Changing to another browser or just changing to the non-mobile theme (Straightdope v3.7.3) will fix the problem.

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