Highlighting, Copying And Pastine Question.....

I use a transposition engine called web.transpose.tool when I run into some difficult chords on songs I find on the net.

Today I tried to copy and paste Living Next Door To Alice by the group Smokie and my computer wouldn’t let me.

Please exuse my ignorance, but is this some kind of copyright control? I have always been able to copy and paste before, and the engine works if you either type the song in or paste it in, and as the song is already on the net on a bunch of pages, I was not aware that I was infringing on the copyright. It worked fine with an old Buddy Holly tune.

The version I wanted to transpose is in G.

Thanks for your help.


What exactly are you copying and pasting? Is it text, some sort of chord charts, or what? It’s possible that what you are copying isn’t in the correct format to be pasted directly into the application; like trying to paste a .GIF image when text is the expected input.

Are you having trouble copying ? or trouble pasting ?

It is possible that the site that lists the lyrics has right-click/copy disabled. Try finding the lyrics on another site.

Ditto the others. From your description, I can’t figure out what you’re trying to do.

Are you trying to copy from a program, or a website, or a document, or what?

I am having trouble copying and pasting. The song is in text format and I eventually sent it to myself, and you’re right Q.E.D. it did arrive as a .GIF image, and this is a website that has song lyrics as well as chords listed.

Sorry I didn’t give y’all enough info before.

Thanks and xash I appreciate you checking in. I’m sure you’re busy with mod matters.